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Hints & Tips to enjoy your flowers for longer...

Receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers can be a delightful experience, transforming your space with a splash of color and a breath of nature. To maximize the life and beauty of your floral arrangement, proper care is essential. From the moment they're in your hands to their final display in a vase, every step matters. Below are some tried and true tips to ensure you get the most out of your blooms, allowing you to enjoy their splendor for as long as possible.

Immediate Care Upon Receipt: If you're not at home when your flowers are delivered, it’s vital to hydrate them at the earliest opportunity. Submerge the stems in water, even if it’s a temporary setup like a bucket, until you can arrange them properly. When transporting flowers, keep their stems moist by wrapping them in a damp paper towel and securing it with a plastic bag to prevent leaks.

Preparing the Vase: A pristine vase is crucial for the longevity of your flowers. Clean it thoroughly with dish soap and warm water to remove any residue that could harbor bacteria. This simple step can prevent premature wilting.

Selecting Flowers: Opt for buds over fully bloomed flowers. They not only last longer but also offer the joy of watching them open up into full bloom.

Special Care for Daffodils: If your bouquet includes daffodils, avoid recutting their stems once they're mixed with other flowers. The sap released by daffodils can be detrimental to companion flowers.

Lily Stamens: Carefully remove the stamens from lilies to avoid pesky pollen stains. Instead of cutting, gently pull them away using a piece of paper towel.

Regular Stem Trimming: Trim the stems diagonally approximately every two days. An angled cut increases the surface area for water intake. Use sharp scissors or a knife to avoid crushing the stems, which can impede water absorption.

Optimal Temperature: Flowers thrive in cooler conditions. Keep them in an environment between 18 – 22°C and away from direct sunlight, heaters, or air conditioning vents.

Garden Fresh: For those picking flowers from their own garden, the optimal time is in the morning. This is when flowers are most hydrated and fragrant.

Avoid Ripening Fruit: Keep your bouquet away from ripening fruit to prevent exposure to ethylene gas, which can cause flowers to deteriorate quicker.

Water and Cleanliness: Regularly change the water in the vase and remove any fallen foliage to prevent bacterial growth. Clean, clear water is essential for longevity.

Enhancing Presentation: Place the vase in front of a mirror to give the illusion of an even fuller bouquet. Adding glass beads or marbles to the vase not only disguises the stems but also plays with light for a decorative touch. Consider using submersible lights to create a stunning centerpiece that truly shines.

With these tips, your flowers will not only last longer but will also be showcased in the most beautiful light, turning your space into an enchanting floral haven.