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About Eflorist

Flowers Trusted By Generations


We believe in the transformative power of flowers. Every blossom tells a unique story, carrying with it the emotions, memories, and messages of its sender and receiver. With our passion for floral artistry and commitment to quality, we strive to create breathtaking arrangements for your special moments.


Backed by over 75 years in the flower industry, we embrace sustainability and community, prioritising local British growers and supporting eco-friendly farming communities. We work with more than 1,500 independent florists, offering a reliable same-day and next-day delivery service, even in busy periods. That’s the power of experience.

Our Story

Let’s take a trip down memory lane into the history of our family company, commencing in 1947 when we embarked on the incredible journey as the British Teleflower Service. Our love of flowers encouraged us to partner with gifted florists throughout the United Kingdom, allowing us to impact lives and make a difference.

The groundbreaking move into the international market came in 1953, establishing the International Network of Teleflor in 1971.

In 1978, we underwent a significant transition when we reorganised ourselves and unveiled a brand-new logo with a beautiful dove to symbolise our new identity, Teleflorist. Our digital ordering system took off brilliantly in 2009, forming the base of the popular and much-loved Eflorist we are today.

As our web presence flourished, so did the potential of technology, connecting us with new customers and making us a part of more people’s lives. In 2010, we joined forces with the well-established Euroflorist group in 2010. This monumental step enabled us to build on our successful legacy, continuing our purpose to help more people send flowers, to more people.

Looking back on more than seven decades, we are amazed by the boundless love and confidence in our beloved blooms. From our start as the British Teleflower Service to our rise as Eflorist, the core of our family values persisted, inspiring us to initiate unforgettable experiences through the beauty of flowers. We are deeply grateful to have been part of monumental celebrations and look forward to numerous more in the future.

Euroflorist Group

We are part of Euroflorist Group, the world’s leading flower delivery company with over 54,000 local flower shop partnerships.

Founded in Sweden in 1982 by Peter Jungbeck and Lars Hedberg as Svensk Blomsterförmedling, the company expanded its operations by collaborating with florists across multiple countries. As a representative for Teleflora International in Sweden, Euroflorist facilitated the delivery of flowers worldwide.

Euroflorist launched its first web shop in 1995, becoming one of the pioneering online companies globally. This move allowed the company to reach a broader customer base and enhance its floral experiences.

In 2021, Magnus Silfverberg assumed the CEO role for the Euroflorist Group after an investor led consortium aquired the company, bringing a vision to further develop and strengthen the company by focusing on long-term investment and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Brand

Eflorist is known for its commitment to quality and extensive selection of beautiful floral arrangements for every occasion.

With 76 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted global flower delivery provider. We take pride in providing the freshest, most vibrant blooms in all our arrangements. Get involved by reading more about our affiliate programme.

Training our team is vital to ensuring our brand values stay on track. Talented and passionate individuals comprise our product development team, carefully curating each bouquet and selecting the finest seasonal flowers to ensure that every arrangement is unique.

We have instilled a loving culture into our company, recognising that the beauty and longevity of our flowers are vital to creating happy memories.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase, as we aim to bring joy and delight to individuals and businesses alike. We know the significance of each moment and provide a frictionless customer experience. Take a look at our reviews received direct from customers and their lucky recipients. 

Company Culture

In 2021, Euroflorist embarked on a journey to create the common values that shape our vibrant company culture. Values that we believe will create and sustain a culture that will drive us in the now and make us speed in the direction of our future goals. To ensure our values represent everyone, we involve every employee in their creation. Our bottom-up approach embraces diverse perspectives, reflecting the aspirations and beliefs of our entire Euroflorist family. This engaging way contribute to the birth of Euroflorist Value slogan:

“We are always helpful, take ownership and growing people alongside business.”

We are committed to being helpful, fostering collaboration, and supporting others. Whether it's assisting colleagues, guiding customers, or lending a hand in the community, kindness and empathy thrive within our positive and caring atmosphere.

Central to our values is taking ownership. We empower every team member to be accountable and go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Our inclusive environment values everyone's contributions and provides autonomy.

Development is crucial for our way of working. We invest in tailored as well as agile training and development programs and encourage comprehensive development talks and supportive feedback to each other enabling our employees to grow alongside the business. Through continuous testing, learning, and sharing, our team members thrive personally and professionally. Continuous development empowers us to reach our full potential and contributes to our collective success.

Clarity, simplicity, teamwork, and action are the principles for how we act out our values.

We believe in clear communication, streamlined processes, embracing shared goals and effective collaboration where everyone contributes by acting. Performing in accordance with our principles we achieve remarkable results and turn ideas into reality.

At Euroflorist, we cultivate a positive working atmosphere where employees feel inspired, supported, and motivated to unleash their full potential. David is a fantastic example of this, his wonderful experiences in the flower industry can be found, along with how he continues to shape the flower world around us. 

Our values guide us in delivering exceptional experiences and building meaningful connections with our customers as well as our co-workers.

We are proud of our positive culture and remain dedicated to creating an environment where every team member can flourish and make a difference.

Community Partnerships

We are deeply committed to creating positive change in our communities through various community projects and partnerships.

In 2020, we partnered with NHS Charities Together urgent COVID-19 Appeal, raising over £370,000 to support patients and healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Our donation made a significant impact on people’s lives, providing games and activities for young patients in mental health wards and establishing virtual communication channels to connect patients with their loved ones.

This achievement reflects our dedication to giving back to society and exemplifies the values we hold dear. We believe in the power of collective action and the positive change achievable through community engagement.

In the future, we plan to work with more local communities and support charities that align with our mission to bring comfort, joy, and hope to those in need. Through the beauty of flowers and our ongoing community efforts, we strive to make a lasting impact and contribute to a better world.