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House Plant Care Guide

Discover essential guidance for nurturing your indoor greenery within this comprehensive care manual. From Roses to Orchids find out how to best look after your beautiful plants! 

Rose Plant

A potted rose plant makes a gorgeous addition to any room in your home. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion and is sure to bring a smile to their face. Potted rose plants can be a little tricky to look after, but with the right care and attention it is sure to thrive. Place it in an area in your home with a lot of bright light, ideally a good amount of sunlight, and make sure you keep up a regular watering schedule to encourage the roses to grow and look their best.

Maintain a regular watering routine to keep your potted rose plant looking its best, never let the soil dry out.

Your rose plant will really thrive and look its best if it's placed in an area that gets plenty of bright light.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Commonly known as a Moth Orchid, this is one of the most popular varieties of orchid as it has long-lasting flowers that can bloom all year round. It’s an easy houseplant to care for, which makes it hugely popular as a housewarming gift. The flowers on the moth orchid can last for three months, once they begin to fade cut these back. It requires a healthy amount of light and a good watering routine, remember to never let the Moth Orchid sit in water.

Regularly water your orchid during spring and summer but never let it sit in a tray of water, avoid letting the roots dry out. Keep the foliage dry and reduce watering schedule in winter.

A good amount of light is key to encourage flowering on your orchid. An east or west facing window is the ideal spot, but a shadier spot in summer is a good idea to protect it from direct sunshine.