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Courier Delivery Process

We choose to send a collection of our fresh flowers in bud, which simply means that when your lucky recipient gets their bouquet the petals on the flowers will still be closed, protecting the inner bud before they open up.

These bouquets are delivered via courier, carefully packaged into one of our Eflorist boxes. With some special care and attention, your flowers will bloom within 48 - 72 hours (depending on the individual stems in your bouquet). The way we do this means that we can send our flowers directly to you from the growers, cutting out any time in between so your freshly picked flowers are enjoyed at home for even longer.

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Upon first arrival

The flowers in your bouquet will appear tightly packed in bud, this helps to protect the inner flower during transit.

72 hours later

After a little care and attention, the flowers will bloom to life, usually within 48 - 72 hours. 

Bud to bloom peonies


One of our favourite long-lasting flowers, alstroemeria is a simply stunning stem that comes in an array of fantastic colours. In bud, its appearance is tightly packed, but with the right care will bloom within 48 - 72 hours.



Fabulously fragrant freesia will bloom within 48 hours, following the care tips provided. It is a beautiful stem, which gives off an unmistakable scent and can be enjoyed by your lucky recipient for up to seven days.



Guard petals on our roses can diminish the appearance of this beautiful flower, but these petals are simply there to protect the flower beneath. Removing these won’t harm the rose at all and will simply help it to bloom.


Caring for your couriered flowers

Step one

Carefully take the flowers out of the box and remove any packaging, you should find a care leaflet and some flower food in the box too!

Step two

Find the perfect vase to show off your flowers. The vase should suit the height and depth of the flowers.

Step three

Fill your vase with around 10cm of tepid tap water, you don’t want it too hot or cold. Pop the flower food in and make sure this is mixed in..

Step four

Trim your stems at an angle about 2-3cm up, the angle of the cut allows the flowers to drink the water they need to look their best.

Step five

Begin to arrange your flowers into the vase. Pro tip: use the vase height to guide how much to trim off each stem, and trim them at different heights to give a tiered approach to your bouquet.

Step six

Place larger blooms, such as lilies or germini at the top of the bouquet, and stems like alstroemeria and freesia at the bottom, this helps to add that all important depth to your arrangement.

Step seven

Remember to keep your flowers away from any direct heat sources, like direct sunlight and radiators, and replace the water every other day to really keep them fresher for longer.

Bouquet in box

Send beautiful flowers from wherever you are

It couldn’t be easier to surprise someone you care about with a beautiful bouquet, wherever you are. Our couriered flowers are sent in a specially designed Eflorist branded box via a tracked courier and delivered direct to their front door, or office.