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Peony Flower Bouquets

Named the Instagram flower of the year in 2022, Peony bouquets are a stunning addition to any event. These brilliant flowers have long been admired for their colorful blooms and delicate petals. Their beauty has made them a popular choice for weddings, baby showers, and other special occasions. 

From creamy whites to bold pinks, Peonies come in a wide range of colours. This makes them a perfect choice for decorating with or for sending sentimental gestures of love. Peonies also have a lovely fragrance, adding to the delightfully sensational experience of a Peony bouquet. Whether you are looking for a simple arrangement or an extravagant display, peonies can be arranged however fits your needs.



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  • Peony Bouquets

    Having a breathtaking bouquet of Peonies delivered is a wonderful way to express your love, appreciation, and admiration of that special someone. Peonies are known for their lush blooms and delightful aroma. They are a timeless and meaningful gift that will be remembered for years to come. Peony bouquets can arrive in tightly clustered blooms to loose, flowing arrangements. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect bouquet for your next event. You might choose a bouquet complemented with stunning garden roses. Or, capture the essence of spring with a bouquet bursting with carnations. Beds of thick greenery are also a great addition to frame any bouquet. There is no better way to celebrate the coming of spring than decorating with these charming flowers. Peonies are pure joy in a vase.

  • The History of the Peony

    Peonies have been regarded as one of the world's most beautiful flowers. These stunning blooms are native to Asia, Europe, and North America. The first record of peonies comes from China and was first cultivated in gardens nearly 2,000 years ago. At that time, they were mainly used for their medicinal properties treating headaches, and asthma, and relieving pain during childbirth. However, their beauty was not overshadowed by their utility as the chines translation for their name was “most beautiful.” Peonies also found their way into Greek Mythology. According to the lore, Paeonia was a beautiful nymph who attracted the attention of Apollo. When confronted by Aphrodite, the nymph became bashful and turned red. Out of jealousy, Aphrodite turned her into a red peony. The red peony has since represented bashfulness.

  • Anniversary Peony Bouquets

    Peonies are as timeless as love itself. A bouquet of pink or fuschia peonies is perfect for celebrating any anniversary. They are specifically associated with the 12th anniversary. Their beauty serves as a reminder of the enduring love and happiness that you share with your loved ones. Moreover, peonies are associated with compassion, health, and good fortune–all of which are perfect sentiments for an anniversary. If you are thrilled at the idea of surprising your special someone with the perfect bouquet to celebrate your love, look now further than peonies.

  • Peony Bouquet Delivery

    Our team of florists and high-quality flowers are thrilled to create and deliver a fragrant, memorable bouquet that will leave a lasting impression. At Eflorist, we are experts at delivering these delicate flowers fully intact right to your door. A full bouquet of peonies is sent in bud and ready for your loved one to display wherever they feel fit. Your order will be sent via a tracked courier to ensure that you know when your loved one received their gift. The peony bouquet will arrive in the bud to help protect the stems while they travel. This also serves to ensure that these beautiful flowers stay fresh for as long as possible.

  • How to Take Care of Your Peony Bouquet

    Peonies are not just elegant, they are also long-lasting. If you take care of your peony bouquet, it can stay fragrant for several days longer than other floral bouquets. If you have received a Peony bouquet, there are a few things you can do to ensure they last as long as possible:

    ● Keep them cool: Peonies can be sensitive to heat but need direct sunlight. Keep your bright bouquet in a cool area, but ensure that it receives ample sunlight. Bedside tables and entryway credenzas are the perfect spots.

    ● Be mindful of oxygenation: With all flowers, it’s important that your bouquets have good airflow. Placing your peonies in a well-ventilated room helps to prevent fungal conditions and ensure longevity.

    ● Trim the stems: Trimming the stems a few days after receiving your bouquet can help them absorb water and nutrients more easily. Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle to keep them freshest.

    ● Refill the vase with clean water: Every few days, refill your vase with fresh water and flower food. If you don’t have flower food, a teaspoon of sugar can help nourish the flowers.

    ● Remove wilted flowers: As your bouquet ages, some of the flowers will begin to wilt. Remove these flowers to prevent them from affecting the rest of the bouquet.

  • All About Peony Flowers FAQ's

    How long does a Peony bouquet Last?

    Peonies are known for their long vase life. With proper care, your Peony bouquet can last up to a week or more. The exact lifespan of your bouquet will depend on several factors, but by following the tips above, you can help extend the lifespan of your bouquet and enjoy its beauty for as long as possible.

    When do peonies bloom?

    Peony season begins in late April and ends in June giving us a small, but delightful window to enjoy these beautiful blooms. The season hits its peak at the end of May.

    Where should I put my peonies?

    Place your peonies near a window so that they can receive ample sunlight, without getting overheated. On temperate days, you can crack the window to increase airflow and prevent fungal growth.

    How often should I change the water for my peonies?

    Change the water every 3-5 days. This helps prevent mold from growing on the stems and ensures that your peonies are receiving ample nutrients. Be sure you’re including flower food or a teaspoon of sugar each time you change the water.

    What kind of vase should I put my peonies in?

    When it comes to choosing a vase, size is an important consideration. Your peonies stems should be no more than one and a half to two times the height of your vase. 

    How should I prep my vase?

    It’s not every day that you receive stunning flowers, so it’s essential that you thoroughly wash and dry your vase before putting your flowers in.