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The Language of Flowers: Birthday Edition

By David Denyer

Flowers communicate so much without the need to even say anything. Simply give someone a floral bouquet or arrangement and see how their face lights up. Flowers are multisensory mood lifters, bringing beauty, freshness, and vibrancy to the fortunate recipients. Birthday flowers say a great deal more than just happy birthday. When you deliver a floral arrangement to someone you know, you’re showing that person how much you care about them. What a wonderful gift to brighten someone’s birthday!

Popular Birthday Flowers and their Meanings

The vast majority of people welcome birthday flower gifts.

To make your gift extra special, you can choose flowers that have special meanings. Birthday flowers’ symbols provide ways to say just what you want, without needing to speak the words out loud or write them in a card.

Flowers speak their own language—let them help you express how you feel without words. However, if you need some inspiration for what to writ ein their card, take a look at our birthday card message ideas.

Red Roses

- The classic red rose embodies endearment. Its language conveys the sense that this person is very important to you.

- When you give red roses to a mother, grandmother, or parent figure, you’re letting them know that you value the nurture they offer. Red roses can highlight the maternal or parental beauty of a relationship.

- When the recipient of your red rose floral arrangement is a love interest, you’re letting the person know they are number one in your life! You cherish them. Your admiration for them has no limits.

Pink Roses

- When it comes to birthday flowers’ symbols, the pink rose is a great choice when you want to express how much you appreciate a friendship.

- Pink is the colour of appreciation, celebration, and even playfulness. Giving a friend pink roses shows them that your friendship means so much. Let them know that for you, being friends with this person is a joy-filled pleasure.

Rainbow Roses

To truly celebrate a birthday in style, opt for the rainbow rose, which incorporates all the colours.

Cut rainbow roses don’t last quite as long as other stem roses do—due to the artistic process of colouring each flower with dye—but they should last about five days, long enough for the birthday celebrant to enjoy them.

Rainbow roses are also thoughtful, caring gifts for any member of the LGBTQ+ communities, whatever the person’s age. Surprise your dear friend or loved one with a splash of rainbow colours.

Yellow Roses

A yellow rose spreads good cheer. Its sunny colour brightens any room it’s in.

Give a flower arrangement that incorporates yellow roses to an older relative to show how much you respect them. Yellow roses tell a co-worker or friend that you hold them in high regard.

Giving your spouse a bouquet that combines yellow and pink roses accentuates the happiness your loved one brings you. It tells them that you’re fully celebrating the love you share together!

White Roses

The white rose embodies purity and innocence, making it a lovely choice for floral gifts for youngsters.

- White also represents peace and hope. Give a white rose arrangement to someone who might be going through a rough patch and could use a bit of good fortune and positive thoughts for their birthday.

White Lilies

The white lily is all about rebirth. Someone who’s starting a new career or a relationship, or has recently moved to a new place, will welcome getting white lilies for their birthday.

- White lilies as birthday flowers also symbolize balance and serenity. Gives these to someone who will benefit from their calming effect.

Pink Lilies

- Radiant and full of promise, pink lilies exemplify sweetness. Give them to someone especially kind and sweet—they deserve a beautiful arrangement. 

Other related birthday flowers’ symbols and meanings include honour, nostalgia, and appreciation. Show your appreciation by including pink lilies in a lovely birthday bouquet.

Yellow Lilies

- Often, yellow lilies represent wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. If the birthday recipient is striving for a promotion, planning to start a business, or wanting to switch jobs to something that pays better, yellow lilies could give them a little push in the right direction—with you showing that you believe in their ability to make it happen.

- Yellow lilies also symbolize renewal. They are thoughtful flowers for anyone who is overcoming a challenge or experiencing a rebirth of some kind.


Devotion and grace are two important meanings alstroemerias convey. Give these flowers to someone you feel devoted to. Doing so lets them know how beautiful their friendship is to you.


As birthday flowers, meanings can include gladness, longevity, and liveliness. The recipient will know that you are grateful for their friendship now and for many more years.


The language of peonies is abundance. They symbolize everything that’s big, bold, and beautiful —a big heart, an adventurous spirit, and a beautiful soul.


- Gerbera's meaning revolves around peace, natural beauty, sunniness, cheerfulness, and childlike wonder.


A symbol of friendship, the freesia is a lovely addition to a birthday bouquet for a dear friend. Its different meanings include trust, which true friends know how to share almost effortlessly, and enlightenment, making it a great flower to give to someone you respect for their outlook on life.


Adding lisianthus to birthday flowers symbolizes confidence and charisma.

Pink Carnations

A carnation that’s light or medium pink expresses your gratitude. Its shows the recipient how important they are to you, so important that you’ll never forget them.

White Carnations

Giving somebody white carnations for their birthday tells them that they’re sweet! You see them as pure-hearted, a kind soul who knows how to celebrate life while lifting others up.

Light Red Carnations

Carnations that come in light red mean admiration. Consider giving light red carnations to mentors, teachers, heroes, or anyone you admire for their strength and grace under fire.

A Thoughtful Birthday Flower Gift

Now that you know more about the symbolism for birthday flowers, you’re in a better position to select the perfect arrangement for someone you know who is about to have a birthday. You could even send them a bouquet featuring their birth month flower!

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