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Birthday Flowers by Month

You’ve probably heard of birthstones, but did you know you have birth flowers, depending on the month in which you were born? Our list of birthday flowers for each month shows the two flowers most commonly associated with each month. According to a tradition dating back to the ancient Romans, the characteristics and symbolic meanings of your birth flower play a part in determining your personality. The tradition became enormously popular in Britain during Victorian times, and many books were written on the subject.

The birthday flowers for each month are as follows:



The carnation symbolises love (hence its popularity at weddings), fascination, and distinction. You can search for bouquets containing carnations.


Violet or primrose

Both of these unassuming but colourful flowers represent modesty and virtue.


Daffodil or jonquil

These two close relatives are associated with the rebirth that comes with spring, and with domestic happiness – but beware, they can sometimes be guilty of vanity!


Daisy or sweet pea

The daisy represents purity and innocence, while the sweet pea signifies intense pleasure, perhaps because of its heady fragrance.


Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is traditionally seen as symbolising humility, purity, and the return of happiness. The hawthorn, a sacred tree in the Celtic tradition, represents love and protection.



Rose or honeysuckle

The symbolism of the rose needs no introduction: it’s the flower of love. Honeysuckle, too, signifies devotion and affection. Many of our bouquets contain roses.



The larkspur, or delphinium, represents love and joy. We offer some lovely bouquets containing delphiniums.


Gladiolus or poppy

The first of these flowers symbolises honesty and strength of personality, and the second sleep and peace.



The aster is traditionally associated with love, elegance, and faith, and the morning glory with passion and rebirth.


Marigold or cosmos

Because of its resemblance to the sun, the marigold is often associated with warmth, love, and creativity. The cosmos represents order, tranquility, and balance.



This month has just one birth flower, signifying happiness and optimism. If your loved one’s birthday is in November, why not send them a bouquet containing chrysanthemums?


Narcissus (paperwhite) or holly

The paperwhite is associated with sweetness, and the holly with peace and goodwill.

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