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Rose Care Guide

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive one of our simply stunning bouquets of roses, you’ll want to make sure they look their best for longer in your home.

Follow our rose care guide put together by our expert florists to keep your rose bouquet fresher for longer.

Rose Guard Petals Example

Guard Petals

Our roses are sent in bud so they are the freshest they could be when they arrive. You may find your roses have arrived with slightly darkened exterior petals. These are known as ‘guard petals’ and they are the roses own way or protecting its inner flower before it blooms. Clever, right?

You can remove the rose guard petals without causing any damage to the rose and watch your rose bouquet bloom.

Rose Care Guide Step One
Step One

Remove the ‘guard petals’ from the outer bud of the rose and trim each stem about 2-3 cm at an angle, taking off any foliage that will fall below the water line in your vase.

Rose Care Guide Step Two
Step Two

Choose a clean vase to display your beautiful rose bouquet. Fill your vase with tepid tap water, add the flower food and mix it into the water.

Rose Care Guide Step Three
Step Three

Arrange your flowers in the vase and display away from any direct sources of heat. Remember to change the water every couple of days.