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Lisianthus is the more common name for the beautiful flower that is also called eustoma. Lisianthus grows naturally in warm regions of the southern United States, Mexico, Caribbean and South America, favouring grassland most but areas that have not been disturbed will often play host to this lovely flower.

Pink Lisianthus bouquet

Eustoma flowers are named from the greek word eu (beautiful) and stoma (mouth), literally translating to beautiful mouth due to their bold tepals when open looking like a mouth, wide open showing the stamen of the flower in plain view, much like a mouth bearing its teeth, only more beautiful.

Lisianthus gets its name from lysis (dissolution) and anthos (flower) (remember chrysanthemum?) though this translation doesn’t carry the same poetic appeal as the eustoma, don’t let this distract you from the simple elegance of the lisianthus flower.

If you’re lucky enough to have received a beautiful flower delivery with lisianthus in, it’s possible you don’t recognise which flowers are the lisianthus as they don’t match any of the descriptions above. When in bud the lisianthus looks almost like the green leaves are twisted into a point, often a few buds per stem. When these begin to open they will untwist and bloom into the beautiful flowers that more resemble roses.

To send a friend, member of your family, a colleague or a loved one a flower delivery containing lisianthus is believed to be a gesture of charisma, personality and congeniality. Although the lisianthus doesn’t necessarily carry the romantic connotations that it previously implied, many of our Valentine’s Day flowers have lisianthus in and, if we may say so ourselves, are incredibly romantic and sure to let that special someone know exactly how you feel.

Whether you’re sending these to symbolise your charisma or to let someone know how you feel, the beautiful lisianthus flower is thankfully available all year round so you don’t need to wait until Valentine’s Day to send flowers, our beautiful flowers delivered anywhere in the UK are guaranteed in freshness for a minimum of seven days and we guarantee they will be very well received.