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Thank You Flowers

Say "thank you" with flowers. Our thank you collection features unique hand-tied bouquets with the freshest seasonal blooms, including roses, lilies, freesias, and spray carnations. We offer same-day and next-day delivery throughout the UK so that you can show your appreciation anytime. Many of our flowers come with free chocolates, and you can add extras like a teddy bear and a vase at checkout to make your gesture unforgettable. Learn more about how to say thank you with flowers from Eflorist.

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  • Thank You Flowers – An Age-Old Tradition

    Saying thank you with flowers is a long-cherished tradition to express gratitude and appreciation to others. Giving flowers as a gesture of thanks dates back centuries and continues to be a meaningful way to convey heartfelt thanks.

    Whether for a small favour, a significant act of kindness, or a gesture of support, thank you flowers can communicate gratitude beautifully and meaningfully.

    Giving flowers as a token of appreciation has roots in various cultures throughout history. In ancient times, flowers were offered as gifts to gods and goddesses to express gratitude. This practice later extended to expressing thanks to fellow human beings.

    In Victorian times, the language of flowers, known as floriography, became popular. Each flower held a specific meaning, allowing people to convey heartfelt messages.

    Fast-forward to the present day and flowers are the most popular way to say thank you alongside chocolates. They can uplift moods and bring joy to people's lives.

  • Best Flowers For Saying Thank You

    If you're wondering what flowers are best for saying thank you, we have some good news – you can't go wrong with any elegant floral arrangement.

    While sympathy and funerals call for white lilies or carnations, and romantic gestures usually call for red roses, gratitude doesn't have a specific flower. You can choose any flower type and colour that takes your fancy.

    The most popular thank-you flowers are roses and carnations, often mixed with alstroemeria, freesias, and seasonal greenery. Roses and carnations are beautiful flowers with lots of texture and a delightful, earthy aroma.

    What colour rose means thanks? That would be pink!

    Pink, purple, orange and white are the most popular thank-you flower colours, with a recent surge in popularity for pastels. Those wanting a more eye-catching arrangement should consider a bright yellow bloom with germini.

    Many of our thank-you bouquets are offered in standard, medium, and large sizes, with larger blooms perfect for expressing gratitude for big favours.

  • Thank You Flowers Delivered

    Spur of the moment? No problem. We offer same-day and next-day flower delivery, or you can schedule delivery 7 days a week. We deliver in all seasons, even during busy periods, so rest assured your order is in safe hands.

    Our same-day cut-off point is 3 pm, while our next-day cut-off point is 9 pm, giving you lots of time to get your order into our shop.

    We deliver your flowers via florist or courier and pride ourselves on our exceptional etiquette and service. We deliver 99% of flowers without hiccups!

    Florist delivery is a traditional hand delivery service, while courier delivery is tracked. We also offer letterbox flowers delivered by Royal Mail.

    If you add an extra gift to your order, such as a bramble bear, vase, or chocolates, we will deliver these with your flowers for maximum convenience.

    With over sixty years in the flower industry, you can trust Eflorist to deliver the freshest thank-you flowers on time, every time.

  • Thank You Messages For Flowers

    Giving flowers is usually enough to say thank you, but you might want to include a short note or greeting card to express your gratitude in full.

    Short and sweet notes include ""You're the best"", ""Thank you for being there,"" ""I appreciate what you did"", and ""Thank you for being so kind"".

    If you want to write a longer message, something like ""Your kindness proves that there are good people in this world. Thank you!"" would be perfect.

    Our thank-you flower messages page has more ideas. Remember to keep your message on point so the gesture doesn't become inappropriate.

    Another way to express your heartfelt thanks is with an extra gift like chocolates delivered with your flowers, although these are entirely optional.