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The delicate freesia is the most popular scented flower and features in our Heaven Scent bouquet, making it one of our best sellers and most beautifully fragrant bouquet of flowers delivered. Naturally the freesia is native to Africa and are typically found in white, yellow and lavender, though there are 14 different species and other colours are available seasonally.

Purple freesia

The scent can be described as a light, sweet soap-like fragrance and thanks to its clean aroma the freesia is incredibly popular in the soap industry for hand lotions and air fresheners, as well as perfume, scented oils for baths and such.

When you buy a flower delivery from us you can rest assured the flowers will be enjoyed to their fullest with the seven day freshness guarantee and the freesia, although similar to the iris, is no exception. With the appropriate care and attention you can be sure of at least seven days of guaranteed freshness.

To send freesia to a friend, family, colleague or loved one is sure to make them happy, noticed and remembered. It is considered a gesture of innocence and purity. Such a delicate, fragile flower, the freesia has maintained its popularity for many, many years and one of the most common favourite flowers.

If you are looking to grow your own freesia, it’s worth remembering that they will only flower at temperatures below 21⁰C, but commercially the soil and growing environment can be cooled enough to encourage freesia to flower all year round which means we can share this beautiful flower with homes across the country all year round.

While it is available all year round, its popularity spikes during spring when other delicate flowers such as iris, tulips and daffodils become more readily available, which of course means the flowers delivered in spring have the most beautiful aromas. Do take care not to keep your freesia and daffodils or narcissi in the same water as the narcissi release a chemical that is toxic to many other flowers but most notably the freesia.