Valentine's Day Flowers


Love is celebrated at eflorist all year round, but once a year we make even more of an effort to tell those nearest and dearest just how much they mean to us. Create special memories this Valentine’s Day with expertly crafted bouquets and arrangements. Whether that means a single red rose, or something extravagant, we have you covered. Each of our Valentine’s Day flowers is sent with love, so you can put your trust in us.

Valentine's Day Flowers

Traditional Valentine’s Flower Delivery

Valentine’s Day is traditionally the most romantic day of the year, and the perfect opportunity to show that special someone in your life just how much you love them. It’s also an ideal opportunity to confess your hidden feelings to someone too.

So whatever the message you want to send this Valentine’s Day, whether it’s anonymous or not, why not send it along with a beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s flowers delivered.

Of course, red roses are the traditional Valentines flowers gift and although it may seem a bit of a cliché, if you’re going to go for WOW and want to win the girl or make a statement, sending a beautiful bouquet of red roses this February 14th might just do the trick.

Valentine’s Flowers They’ll Love

So why not send a single red rose to signify “love”, 3 red roses for “I love you” or a dozen red roses for “complete love”. Of course, if you want to make your order extra special you can simply add a teddy bear or a box of delicious chocolates as well.

With a range of romantic bouquets and arrangements in an array of styles to suit all tastes and budgets, we’re sure you will find something in our Valentines Flowers range your true love will absolutely adore.

Working with professional florists all over the world who only ever use the finest and freshest of blooms in their Valentine’s bouquets, you can order flowers online with us confident in the knowledge that you will receive a stunning flower display.

What do Valentine’s Day flowers mean?

The language of flowers is a topic that has been documented, discussed and deliberated for many, many a century.

In Victorian times, when contact between two lovers could be frowned upon or forbidden, sending flowers, or floriography, was a common way to send a love note.

Different flowers mean different things, naturally. Yellow flowers are symbols of friendship while white flowers are symbols of purity. The undeniable message sent with flowers when you send a red rose is complete and utter devotion.

By sending a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers, you say more than just ‘I love you’, you send emotion, sentiment and a treat for the senses.

What are the best Valentine’s Day flowers for her?

It’s important you get Valentine’s Day right, it does only happen once a year after all. It’s common for couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day a day early, or a day late (agree this beforehand!). This symbolises celebrating your love on any day of the year, but we’re a big fan of romance. The whole world coming together to celebrate love and togetherness on one day is heart-warming.

So you’ve decided to send flowers as part of your perfect Valentine’s Day plan? The question is...

What flowers do you send your girlfriend, wife or secret flame?

The most popular flowers to send your other half are, without a doubt, roses. Roses have a long standing significance for love, romance and devotion. Red roses symbolise passion, lust and undying love, while pink roses stand for care, affection and infatuation.

So what flowers are you going to send your special someone for Valentine’s Day?

What are the best Valentine’s Day flowers for him?

Making Valentine’s Day one to remember by sending your man flowers has never been so easy. From our expert local florists and unbeatable prices, we’re here to take the stress out of sending flowers to your boyfriend, husband or secret flame.

But what flowers do you send a man for Valentine’s Day?

We’re a big fan of sending colourful flowers; while the majority of flowers sent at Valentine’s Day are red and pink, you can stand out with a glorious bouquet full of vibrant colours. Gerbera, chrysanthemum and alstroemeria are particularly popular flowers for sending to a man due to their funky, modern appearance.

Valentine’s Day Card Messages

Sending a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers is the most precious way of sending someone your love, care and affection. Whether sending a stunning single red rose or a sumptuous arrangement of multiple dozens, the sentiment is always clear.

Our Valentine’s Day flowers come with a free card message. A space in which you can write a message of love, romance or mystery. If you want your Valentine’s Day flowers delivered anonymously, simply leave the card message blank or enter a single question mark. Don’t worry, our expert local florists have many years’ experience of sending the most romantic gestures available.

If you’ve chosen which beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet you’re going to send that special someone but have drawn a blank when it comes to the words to send with it, we’ve got a few of the best romantic card messages to get you started.

  • Near, far, wherever you are, you’re always here in my heart.
  • Just because I love you
  • ?
  • From a Secret Admirer...
  • It hasn’t been forever but I hope it will be one day.
  • To many more happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I love walking hand in hand with you through our life together.
  • Be my valentine?
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, I can’t imagine life without you