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Sustainable Growing

It’s not just the flowers we care about.

Our flowers are grown responsibly and sustainably. Your flowers from Eflorist are not just beautiful to look at, they are also grown in a responsible and sustainable way. Our trusted suppliers cooperate with Vegpro and Bohemian Flowers, two flower growers in Kenya who care about both people and the environment.

Luxury Flowers

For The People

Nutritious food is important for feeling good. Every day, Vegpro offers all their employees lunch and also sponsors local food supply programmes for schools, nurseries and hospitals. In total, over 30 tonnes of food are donated every month. Our farms also support local schools with scholarships, new classrooms, desks and books. Vegpro’s projects since 2021 have included building a kitchen and a classroom at Sher Moi Primary School in Naivasha, a school with 2,500 students.

For The Planet

Sustainable growing requires smart solutions with regard to water and energy consumption. The farms we work with have invested in rainwater reservoirs and wetlands near their farms. The wetlands contribute to biological diversity and attract birds, insects and frogs. Due to its equatorial location, solar panels are a popular choice in Kenya. Additionally, Bohemian Flowers is the first flower farm in Kenya to use geothermal energy – a clean and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Pink Blossom
Yellow Blossom

This joyful bouquet features yellow roses, spray carnations, and alstroemeria sending pure happiness to the recipient. The flowers will arrive in bud and will blossom at home. The bouquet is sent with a courier service, so the order can be tracked.

Pink Blossom

This super cute bouquet is filled with pink spray carnations, roses, and alstroemeria perfect for every occasion. The flowers arrive in bud and will bloom in the home. The bouquet is sent via a courier service, which enables you to track your order.

White Blossom

This delightful bouquet with white roses, alstroemeria, and carnations is a beautiful gift for every occasion. As the flowers arrive in bud, they will beautifully blossom at home. The bouquet is sent by a courier service so that you are able to track your order.