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Happy Mother's Day Messages for Mum

message for Mother's Day can be tricky to write. For those looking to write something a little more than simply “Happy Mother’s Day” we have compiled a selection of our favourites. We hope they inspire you to find your own words of love and appreciation. Of course you can also simply use the most apt one for your own Mother’s Day flower message card.

Mother's Day Message Ideas

To help you find the words to go with your Mother's Day flowers:

  • You're the best!
  • I picked these just for you. Happy Mother's Day!
  • To thank you for the little things you always say and do, and to wish you all the happiness that life can bring to you! Happy Mother's Day!
  • Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life... and today it is you!
  • Not only my mum, but also my best friend.
  • Mum, you are an inspiration to us all
  • Reminding you how special you are to me… Happy Mother’s Day!
  • For all the times I didn’t tell you how much I care…  Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Growing up we didn’t have it all, but as it turns out, all I needed was you.
  • To the one woman who has always given me everything, and asked for nothing in return.
  • Have a wonderful day, mum.  You deserve it!
  • I miss you mum.  You’re the best.
  • Even though we are far away, we wouldn’t forget you on Mother's Day!
  • With lots of love from Mummy’s little soldier.
  • With all the love in the world and wishing that we were with you to give you these in person.
  • Mum is such a special word, the loveliest I’ve ever heard. A toast to you above the rest, Mum you’re so special, you are simply the best!
  • Thinking of you and hoping you have a lovely day.
  • Daddy said gerbils were your favourite. I couldn’t find a bouquet of gerbils so I got you some Gerberas instead!
  • I must have been born under a lucky star to have a mum as nice as you are.
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Next year I’ll be wishing you a Happy Grandmothers Day too!
  • The heart of a home is a mother, whose love is warm and true. Our home is a home sweet home with a wonderful mother like you.
  • We love you more than we did yesterday but not as much as we will tomorrow.
  • You are amazing and I love you so much.