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25 Ways to Make Someone Happy

Caring for someone is a fantastic feeling, sharing joyous moments, exciting news and unforgettable memories, togetherness is a bond that is not easily broken. With joyous moments and happy times of course come the struggles, life is full of surprises and to share someone’s best times you will of course experience their worst.

Our aim, our mission, is to make it easier than ever to make your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones happy, noticed and remembered. Making people smile is what we do and we like to consider ourselves experts in knowing how to make someone smile.

There are many, many studies conducted each year to find out what exactly makes someone happy. Only 10% of one’s happiness is controlled by circumstances outside one’s control, meaning you have control over 90% of what makes you happy. We know all too well that there are times when it seems nothing will turn the mood around and knowing how to cheer someone up is key to making them smile.

It is at these stressful times that the people close to you will need you most, your support, your kind words and your caring sentiment. You may find yourself lost for ideas, you want to help but just how do you make someone smile when they are down? Perhaps after a break up, the passing of a friend or family member or trouble in the workplace. Being there for someone is sometimes all it takes, but knowing how to make someone smile when a little extra is needed is an art.

  1. Surprise visit. Being away from family and friends is difficult, but surprising them by turning up at a party they didn’t know you were going to might even bring tears to their eyes!
  2. Cat pictures. Who doesn’t love cat pictures at the end of the day?
  3. Prepare a treasure hunt. It can be in the house, leading them to a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers or it could be an outside treasure hunt leading them to a table booked at a romantic restaurant. (Our favourite!)
  4. Cook for them. Gestures as simple as this are a winner, especially if you pour them a glass of wine or a pint while they put their feet up.
  5. Then do the washing up. Finish what you start, of course!
  6. Leave notes. Little love notes, friendly reminders to be happy are a great way to keep their spirits up through the day.
  7. Send them a playlist of happy songs.
  8. Have the playlist of happy songs playing when they get home and dinner is being prepared.
  9. Bring a little present home. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, maybe just that magazine they like or a bouquet of flowers from a local florist.
  10. Terrible jokes. Or good jokes if you have any but terrible jokes are much funnier aren’t they?

Making someone smile isn’t something that only applies to someone with whom you are already close. If you can make someone smile as you pass them in the corridor or as you leave the shop, you may just brighten their day more than you realise.

  1. Leave a generous tip to that waiter/waitress. If you’ve ever worked in Customer Service you will know what a difference this can make.
  2. Hold the door for your colleague with a smile when they struggle with today’s deliveries.
  3. Volunteer somewhere! If you have the time, volunteer at a charity or shelter. It has been proven to increase life expectancy and boost self-esteem.
  4. Catch up with your elderly neighbour. Nobody should have nobody; have a cup of tea with your elderly neighbour, they’re some of the most interesting people we know.
  5. Send a card or a letter to a distant friend. Reconnecting with old friends has been shown to nurture feelings of togetherness.

These little ideas may sound simple, because it really is that simple. Making someone happy can become an activity you do subconsciously, be friendly and be approachable. Be the person you’d want to meet.

  1. Have lunch with the new colleague. They’re as nervous as you were when you started, reaching out can fill someone with confidence.
  2. Say ‘good morning’ to everyone you see, especially at work. Everyone likes working in a friendly environment.
  3. Send funny pictures. Even if someone’s having a good day, laughing can make it even better. Plus, laughing is contagious and burns calories, win-win.
  4. Organise a surprise outing for your partner. Whether a romantic meal for two or a day at a theme park, who wouldn’t be happy!
  5. Send a letter, not a text or an email. Great for relatives, grandparents love keeping handwritten letters, especially those sent for no reason.

It has been proven that smiling reduces stress and minimises anxiety, in stressful situations although the last thing you may feel like doing is smiling, it can clear your head and help make more rational decisions.

  1. Give up your seat on the bus or the train. This might just brighten someone’s day, you never know what someone’s going through.
  2. Pay for the coffee for the person behind you in the queue. Pay it forward has become an internet phenomenon.
  3. Send a card, with so many card occasions to choose from you don’t even need a particular reason. (We’d recommend sending some flowers to accompany the card).
  4. Leave a comment on their profile picture. Works best on the newer profile pictures, avoid the pictures that are 80 weeks old.
  5. Make them feel happy, noticed and remembered. Reminding someone you are thinking of them can make them smile more than you may think.

Whatever the reason, season or occasion, everyone deserves to smile and a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered by one of our local florists is the best way to cheer someone up when they need it most. Order your flowers online before 3pm Monday to Friday for same day flower delivery, guaranteed to make someone smile.

Sending fresh flowers online has recently become one of the most popular gifts for a multitude of occasions but most notably to make someone smile. The beauty of sending flowers is that it is more than a gift, it is your kind words, your sentiment and your support, but what do you say on the handwritten card message that accompanies your flowers?

We've come up with a few ideas of card messages to make that special someone smile:

  • Thinking of you today, tomorrow and forever.
  • Smile, you're not as pretty when you frown!
  • I'll be there with takeaway at 6, red or white wine?
  • I'm here when you need me, just call.