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Funeral Flowers Buying Guide

What type of Tribute should I send?

Choosing the right flowers for a funeral is often dictated by ones relationship to the recently deceased or bereaved. Our guide to Funeral Flowers provides an insight and guidance to help you choose the correct item for the occasion. In some cases a theme for the funeral flowers may be requested, such as a colour scheme or perhaps a specific variety of flower, it may be advisable to check with the family so that you can select a Tribute item accordingly.

Casket Sprays or Funeral Crosses are usually selected by close family members or by those undertaking the preliminary funeral arrangements.

Our Funeral Tributes

The Eflorist Tributes range caters for a wide variety of colour themes and floral schemes across a range of different funeral Tributes and should cater to every requirement and budget. There are many types of Funeral and Sympathy flowers to choose from.

Choosing the correct Tribute can be a daunting prospect; this guide aims to provide some insight into the different types of funeral flowers and Tributes that are available from flowers for funerals. Our dedicated support team are on hand if you need further advice by simply calling 0800 0930 366.

Posies & Baskets

Posies and Baskets come in a versatile variety of traditional and contemporary designs and can be sent directly to a funeral or sent as a tribute gift to a bereaved family. The ‘Posy’ is traditionally circular in shape allowing both flowers and foliage to be displayed perfectly from all angles.

Orchid spray

Funeral Spray

Funeral Sprays are a popular tribute expressing sympathy. Traditionally sprays come in both single ended and double ended designs. Double ended Sprays sometimes referred to as Casket Sprays are often used to adorn a Casket with great splendour. Funeral Sprays are available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes designed to suit your specific requirements.

Pink, lilac and red funeral spray


Hand tied Sheaves, also referred to as a ‘Tied Sheaf’ are perfect for sending directly to a funeral and can be sent to a home address after a funeral a fitting alternative to the regular cellophane wrapped bouquet.

Tied sheaf


Floral wreaths are probably the best known of funeral and sympathy tributes, their ornate circular design is extremely versatile and are perfect for sending direct to a funeral as a mark of respect. Available in both contemporary and traditional designs, our wreaths come in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes.

Funeral wreath tied to post

Coffin Tributes

Casket Sprays sometimes referred to as Double Ended Sprays are designed to adorn Coffins and Caskets. Casket Sprays are usually chosen by close family or the person who is liaising with the funeral directors regarding the funeral arrangements. Our Casket Sprays are available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes designed to suit your specific requirements.

Coffin tribute


Sending a floral heart tribute to a funeral makes a deeply personal statement and is indicative of the love and compassion felt by immediate family or the closely bereaved. Our beautiful range of heart designs come in a tasteful variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

White and green funeral wreath

Funeral Crosses

Funeral Crosses are often the primary tribute at a funeral and represent extremely personal sentiments and feelings. These tributes are typically chosen by immediate family or close friends. Our Funeral Crosses are available in a variety of beautiful colours, shapes and sizes that will suit most budgets.

Multicoloured funeral wreath

Special Tributes

Touching reflections of the deceased evoked through flowers, a simple gesture of love and remembrance.

Rose and chrysanthemum tribute

Where should the flowers be delivered?

In most instances, Tribute deliveries are directed to the funeral parlour prior to the funeral, this is recommended wherever possible and allows the undertakers to arrive at the funeral destination with the flowers and the coffin together. Most often deliveries are directed to the funeral directors where the deceased may be at rest prior to the funeral service. Delivery to a funeral director is recommended wherever possible as most of the flowers will be delivered to the undertakers allowing them to arrive at the service or home address together with the coffin.

A Residential Address

If you require that your funeral tribute be delivered to a residential address it is best to make sure that there will be somebody available to receive the delivery at the designated time. It is often the case that the funeral procession will leave from the designated delivery address, the funeral flowers may well be displayed for those in attendance prior to the procession leaving for the funeral service destination.

Church / Crematorium / Place of Worship

It is often encouraged to avoid sending funeral tributes directly to a place of worship, church or crematorium. There may not be someone available to receive the flowers or some confusion regarding where the flowers should be left. Our professional florists are also aware that flowers that are simply left outside are subject to weather exposure from time of delivery until the beginning of the service and prefer to avoid the necessity to deliver this way wherever possible.


What type of message is sent with the flowers?

Funeral tribute and funeral card messages can be difficult to compose during such a sad time. Just a few words of heartfelt sentiment will be appreciated. We have supplied a few simple examples below that may help you write your message should you require assistance;

  • “With love and fond memories of (name of deceased) from (Your name)"
  • "In loving memory of a dear friend, with love (Your name)"
  • "Dearest (name of deceased), May you rest in peace. Love from (Your name) x x"
  • "With deepest sympathy from (Your name)"
  • "Our hearts are filled with sorrow. Rest in Peace Love from (Your name)"
  • "(name of deceased) you will always be in our hearts and minds Lots of Love (Your name)"
  • "Now at peace with you loved ones, fond memories, your friend (Your name)"

When do I need to order the flowers by?

When ordering funeral flowers please try and place your order 24 hours before the funeral and at least 48 hours for Casket Sprays due to their complexity. Item from our Sympathy range can be ordered for same day delivery if the order is placed before 3pm (Monday to Saturday).

Our professional florists will liaise with the funeral directors ensuring that delivery of your funeral flowers and tributes is a smooth and stress free operation. Your funeral or sympathy flowers will be delivered personally by a local florist.

How do I order funeral and sympathy tributes online?

Simply select the product you wish to send, choose a date and time for the delivery and click ‘add to basket’ You will then be required to follow the simple ordering process that follows. During the checkout process please have the following information to hand as we will require it to process your order:


  • The name of the deceased or the person taking receipt of the tribute delivery.
  • The address of the funeral director or residential address
  • A funeral or sympathy card message to accompany your tribute.

If you have any specific requests or requirements please call us on 0800 0930 366 and we will take your order over the telephone.

Funeral Flowers FAQ

Here we answer your most asked questions when it comes to sending flowers for a funeral.

What flower is best for a funeral?

When it comes to choosing flowers for a funeral, there are many options available. The most important thing is to choose a flower that will represent the deceased in the best way possible. Roses are a popular choice for funeral flowers because they symbolize love and respect. Lilies are also a popular choice because they symbolize purity and innocence. If you need funeral flowers for men, consider sending flowers such as carnations or chrysanthemums. Whatever you choose, you can be sure the flowers will be fresh and of high quality with Eflorist.

What flower represents grief?

There is no one flower that represents grief but popular funeral flowers include lilies, chrysanthemums, orchids, and roses. You can also choose a more general arrangement, such as an all-white bouquet or a mix of different colors. The most important thing is to choose something that you feel expresses your condolences in the best way possible.

What color rose for death?

While there are many flowers you could send for a funeral, roses are a classic choice. But what color rose should you send? While black roses used to be a popular choice for death, nowadays white roses are more commonly associated with funerals.

What color represents grief?

While there is no one color that universally represents grief, black is often associated with death and mourning. White flowers are also commonly used in funerals, as they symbolize purity and innocence. Other popular funeral flower colors include red (symbolizing love and respect), pink (symbolizing admiration), and purple (symbolizing reverence).

What is the etiquette for funeral flowers?

Funeral flowers arrangements are a beautiful way to show your respect for the deceased. Immediate family is most usually in charge of choosing the funeral flowers, but sending an arrangement to the family to express your condolences is appropriate etiquette. If you are part of the immediate family, you can choose what you want and have funeral flowers delivered easily with Eflorist.

Which Colour flowers for a funeral?

The most appropriate color for funeral flowers is white. White flowers represent purity, innocence, and reverence. They are also a symbol of new beginnings. Other appropriate colors for funeral flowers include blue, purple, and pink. Blue flowers represent serenity, peace, and calm. Purple flowers represent admiration, respect, and dignity. Pink flowers represent grace and elegance.

What is an appropriate flower for a death?

There are many flowers that can be appropriate for a death, but some of the most popular choices include lilies, roses, and daisies. You may want to choose a flower that was the deceased's favorite, or one that has special meaning to you.

What color rose is for funeral?

White roses are a classic choice for funerals, symbolizing reverence. They're also a popular pick for celebrating new beginnings, making them a thoughtful option for sending your condolences. While red roses represent love and passion, their intense color can be too much for a funeral setting sometimes. Pink roses are a compassionate choice, often given in sympathy to express gentleness and admiration. Overall, some of the best colors for roses for a funeral are either white or pink.

What do yellow roses mean at a funeral?

The color yellow has a variety of meanings, but at a funeral, it typically symbolizes hope and new beginnings. Yellow roses can also convey positive messages of remembrance and joy. If you are looking for a way to show your support and love for the family of the deceased, sending yellow roses is a beautiful gesture.

What does purple mean at a funeral?

At a funeral, purple flowers are often seen as a symbol of courage and admiration. As such, they are often seen as appropriate gifts for someone who has passed away or as a gift for those who are grieving.

What does blue mean at a funeral?

The color blue is often associated with peace, calm, and serenity. When used in funeral flowers, blue can symbolize these qualities, as well as hope, faith, and respect. Blue flowers can be used to express condolences for the loss of a loved one. If you are looking for a flower delivery for a funeral near you, consider sending blue flowers.