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There's always a reason for Christmas flowers

It's the season to be jolly, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than by sending flowers for Christmas? For some people, it's easier to buy gifts for someone else than it is to think of something they want themselves, but flowers make the ideal present for both you and all your loved ones. Flowers are the perfect way to show you care without having to worry about knowing someone's exact taste — and that's especially true when you're buying flowers online. It's simple and fun to choose the best flowers for all the people on your gift list this year. There's no need to stress this season! Simply curl up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and complete your Christmas shopping with ease. Not convinced yet? Keep reading for 24 reasons to order flowers this holiday season!

Day One - Alight the festive spirit

This Christmas, send flowers with Eflorist to alight the festive spirit in your home and in the homes of those you love the most! Whether you're having a Christmas party or just want to spread some festive cheer, these are the best gifts for the season because they help recipients get into the spirit of the holidays. Send flowers as Christmas gifts because they're beautiful and will make everyone happy. Every time someone receives flowers from you, they'll know how much you care about them and they will feel the joy of giving, which is the cornerstone of the Christmas holiday. Sending flowers is a simple way of showing people that they matter to you.

Orange and red Christmas bouquet

Day Two - Bring the Christmassy outdoors inside

It's important to find ways to liven up your home or office and the spaces that belong to your loved ones, especially during the winter season when you are not spending as much time outdoors as you would like to. Christmas is a quintessential time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around us. From evergreen trees and holly berries to mistletoe and gently falling snow, there is nothing quite like the simple pleasure of the outdoors.

Frosted cabbage Christmas bouquet

Day Three - Embrace the scents of Christmas

Christmas is all about embracing the scents of the season. From mulled wine and cinnamon to sugar cookies and evergreen trees, everything about this time of year seems to be all about making your home smell delightful. And what better way to help you embrace the scents of Christmas than by ordering flowers?

Day Four - Brighten the winter days and nights

Let's face it. Winter can sometimes bring along with it, the winter blues. The winter blues can sometimes just involve feeling less energetic but it can even mean seasonal depression for some people. One of the best ways to liven your spirits and brighten the winter days and nights is to bring fresh blooms into your space!

Day Five - Christmas décor

Christmas flowers are the perfect way to decorate your home for Christmas and they make the best gift because they allow your loved ones to decorate their homes as well! They're one of the most festive things you can buy during Christmas time. You'll brighten up someone's day with flowers by allowing them to use them as home decor and wow their holiday guests with good tidings and joy.

Day Six - Last-minute gifts

Christmas is the perfect time to send flowers as they can make the perfect last minute gift. If you don't have time to order, shop, and wrap an elaborate present for someone this holiday season, but still want to show them that you care, then flowers are the perfect last minute gift for the holidays! They come in all styles and sizes so you can find one that suits everyone on your list.

white, red and green Christmas bouquet

Day Seven - For the flower lover

Eflorist is the original flower delivery service. We've been around for decades and have serviced thousands of wonderful customers over the years. We understand that when you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift, flowers are the best choice, especially for your loved ones who adore flowers. Do you have a relative who enjoys gardening in the summer or a friend who always seems to be wearing floral prints? Delight them with the gift of fresh blooms this season!

Red lily Christmas bouquet

Day Eight - For those you can’t see this Christmas

It’s the season of giving and we want to give you the gift of helping you connect with friends and family you won't get to see in person, through flower delivery in the United Kingdom with Eflorist. Whether it be your way of saying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or simply to say I miss you, flowers are always the perfect way to show someone you care, especially when you can't tell them in person.

Day Nine - A treat for yourself this Christmas

Whether you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift or just want to treat yourself, Eflorist is the go-to flower delivery service in your area. With same day delivery available, there's never been a better time to send flowers. Feeling overwhelmed and having trouble getting in the holiday spirit? Treat yourself to an inspiring bouquet that will help your heart fill with Christmas cheer.

Day Ten - A gift for the whole family to enjoy

Eflorist flower arrangements are perfect for sharing with the whole family! Not only are they an elegant and thoughtful gift, but they also make an excellent table centerpiece. Plus, you can send them to your home to enjoy or send them to the recipient on the special day that they are having a holiday party or hosting family. Eflorist has everything from roses to lilies that will brighten up any holiday celebration.


Day Eleven - A gift that can last, press your Christmas flowers

Are you weary of giving fresh blooms because you believe that the gift of Christmas flowers will only last a week or two? Think again! Eflorist offers a gift that can last forever; by pressing your flowers from us into the pages of your favourite book, you'll be able to remember the joyous occasion for years to come and keep the petals as a treasured memory.

Snow fall bouquet

Day Twelve - A unique Christmas gift

Christmas flowers are a unique Christmas gift. It might be hard to find the perfect Christmas present for that special person in your life, but there is no other gift that will make someone feel as loved and cared for as flowers from Eflorist. No one knows your relationship better than you do, so send flowers as a way to show your love and appreciation. Flowers are a go-to because everyone loves them!

Red Christmas bouquet

Day Thirteen - Cheer up those who find Christmas hard

Cheer up those who find Christmas hard by sending flowers for the holidays. We know how difficult the festive season can be for those who have recently lost a loved one, are going through a job loss, or find themselves without family to celebrate during this time of year. Give them some festive cheer and a reason to smile with a festive flower arrangement.

Day Fourteen - A gift you can make personal with a heartfelt message

Merry Christmas! This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of flowers from Eflorist and make it personal with a heartfelt message. Whether you want to say 'Merry Christmas' or 'I love you', a thoughtful message will make this Christmas gift truly special. Flowers have the power to convey thoughts and feelings that words cannot always express – so why not give the gift of flowers this festive season?

Day Fifteen - A perfect Christmas centrepiece

What could be more festive than Christmas flowers? Whether your party is for two or twenty, there is an arrangement from Eflorist that will take your table from blah to beautiful. We have everything from simple and sweet bouquets, to lush floral arrangements and even Christmas plants! No matter what you're looking for, we have the perfect centerpiece for your holiday table.


Day Sixteen - Save some stems and add them to your wreath

You can save the stems from your Christmas bouquet to make a wreath. Simply take the stems and tie them together in a bundle to make a wreath, or you can wrap them around your door handle or on your front door. This is an easy way to use up the leftover stems of your bouquet and it also creates a festive decoration for your home! You can also add some greenery to your table with your stems. If you have any spare foliage left over from your bouquet, place them onto a table runner for a natural touch.

Christmas bouquet with candle

Day Seventeen - Looking for a Christmas gift that doesn’t cost the earth!

Christmas is the perfect time for gifting, but it doesn't have to come with an environmental cost. Flowers are a thoughtful and beautiful option for the Christmas season that doesn't cost the earth! As more people start to think about their environmental impact, giving flowers at Christmas is one way to show you care without having a huge impact on the environment.

Christmas cabbage bouquet

Day Eighteen - The perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything!

We all know someone who has it all. They can afford to buy anything they want, and they often do. You think of them as the person with all the luck, but what if the perfect gift for them is something they don't have? It doesn't matter who you're buying for this Christmas – Eflorist has the perfect gift for anyone and everyone!

Day Nineteen - An unexpected pre-Christmas surprise

This Christmas, surprise your loved ones with flowers from Eflorist. Whether you want to send flowers for Christmas because you're too busy at the office, or because you want to get them something special before Christmas day, we've got the perfect arrangement for you. We have many seasonal arrangements and bouquets that are perfect for pre-Christmas delivery, so take a look through our selection of Christmas flowers now!

Day Twenty - Thank the Christmas host!

The best way to thank your host for the Christmas party is by sending flowers from Eflorist. You can send them a beautiful and festive arrangement to thank them for hosting. A gesture they will truly appreciate. We want you to be able to enjoy the holidays with the people you love and we hope you will enjoy our Christmas collection.

Day Twenty-one - For the person you want to kiss under the mistletoe

Christmas flowers are the best romantic gift for someone you want to kiss under the mistletoe! Send flowers to their home address, and they'll be greeted with the sweet scent of a beautiful bouquet waiting for them. You can also add special messages like I'm thinking about you or I love you so it feels extra special.

White Christmas plant

Day Twenty-two - For the one that brought the turkey

It can be difficult to know what to give the person that brought the turkey to the party on Christmas day. Show them your appreciation with seasonal flowers from Eflorist! The turkey plays an important role in the big holiday feast so thanking the one who made it all possible is very important! And with ordering flowers from Eflorist being so simple, there are no excuses for not making a nice gesture.

Christmas bouquet

Day Twenty-three - It’s better to give than receive

It's better to give than receive. That's the message at Christmas time and it's the message that we try to give to everyone all year round. When you send someone a flower delivery, it's not just about how they feel when they get them, it's about how you feel when you send them. Giving is good for your soul.

Day Twenty-four - Sorry I got too drunk at the work Christmas party

Sometimes, flowers can accompany some good humor. Give your coworkers a beautiful gift along with a good laugh! If you had a little bit too much fun at the work Christmas party this year, send along a cheeky message of "Sorry I got too drunk!" along with a holiday arrangement to make their day with a laugh and a wonderful bouquet of flowers.