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Unboxing Happiness: The Power Of Birthday Flowers

By David Denyer

It’s your friend or loved one’s birthday. Buying the ideal gift can often present a challenge. You want to get something meaningful that makes them feel special and seen. You can always spend lots on the latest and  gadgets, subscription, membership, or even an aeroplane ticket. Sure, these are lovely gifts–excellent even. That said, do these types of presents genuinely convey all the warm feelings you have for your special someone celebrating their birthday? Some of them might, but they can cost a fortune. There’s something about birthday flowers which tells the recipient how much they mean to you. When you give someone happy birthday flowers, you'll make them realise how grateful you are that they're in your life. 

How come birthday flowers have this powerful effect? Why does a gorgeous bouquet say so much more than a fancy overpriced gift? The true power of flowers is a magical thing. This magic may be due to their connection with nature. With a beautifully arranged bouquet, you’re giving your friend, loved one, or significant other a piece of the earth.

The Versatility Of Flowers

With many birthday gifts, you’re often limited by your delivery method. Typically, you’ve got to be in the same room as the recipient, hand them a gift, and watch them unwrap it. Flowers offer a chance for a different, more impactful experience–especially when you have birthday flowers delivered. Your friend or loved one will enjoy an added surprise that makes their day that much more memorable.

 You could also purchase an arrangement so eye-catching and luxrous that it's their main gift. The more elaborate and striking a bouquet or arrangement is, the more birthday flowers take centre stage.

 You can give your special someone flowers in person by arranging for the flowers to be delivered to yourself, adding to the intimacy of the gift. Turning up to a loved one's doorstep, flowers in hand, is a timeless image representing kindness and love.

 Arrangements of birthday flowers can also be personalised to the recipient's preferences through colour, scent, and type. It’s the type of gesture that shows you care.

 Birthday flowers are suitbale for various recipients. Yes–they can be an exceptionally intimate and romantic gift for a partner. Conversely, they could be a more casual, friendly gesture. They can also be ideal as a gift to a business partner celebrating their birthday.

Elegance On A Budget

Less extravagant but otherwise elegant gifts–like designer clothing–can also set you back money-wise. Birthday flowers have universal elegance and appeal. You can’t go wrong with your choice of arrangement. Regardless of your choice of birthday flowers, the gift will be tasteful and effectively communicate how much the recipient means to you. While birthday flowers don’t last forever, the memories they create will stand the test of time. They also won’t cost you half of your paycheque. Undoubtedly, there are more costly arrangements and bouquets. Our under £30 range is great if you have a limited budget.


A Clutter-Free Gift In A Clutter-Filled World.

A materially driven world means many people accumulate item after item in their homes until it’s almost impossible to move. Flowers take up virtually no space. Recipients can keep them in a vase (and water them to maintain their beauty for a few days). On top of that, they’ll decorate the recipient’s home while offering delightful, immersive fragrances.


Flowers Provide Mental Health Benefits

A team of Rutgers University researchers examined the connection between life satisfaction and flowers. This process included a 10-month study of participants’ emotional and behavioural responses to receiving flowers. Findings showed that flowers are a natural mood moderator. They have an immediate and profound impact on happiness. All study participants expressed authentic and excited smiles when they received flowers, conveying extraordinary gratitude and delight.

Flowers’ positive effects on mood are long-term. Participants reported reduced anxiety, depression, and agitation after receiving flowers. They also felt more life satisfaction and enjoyment.

Delving more into the science of the matter, flowers trigger the following “happy” chemicals in our brains:

● Serotonin.
● Oxytocin.
● Dopamine.

The expectation of a reward triggers dopamine, and a flower blossoming ignites the sense of something special coming. Moreover, oxytocin is known as the bonding hormone, and it generates a sense of social trust. Lastly, the feeling of social importance is felt when serotonin is released, which can both result from giving and receiving flowers.

Perfect For The Gift Giver And Recipient

Gift-giving for a birthday is an inherently selfless act. You’re trying to make the recipient happy with a gift that’s unique to them. You show them they're valued and appreciated. Knowing you've made someone happy on their birthday is the best feeling. Gifting truly is a two-way street. The goal is for your friend or loved one to love their birthday flowers. Giving someone birthday flowers is supposed to feel good for you. You want to see an ear-to-ear smile on their face and hear a gracious "thank you" because it means you’ve struck the right chord.


Happiness Is At Your Fingertips

Unboxing happiness only requires a few presses of a button that lead you to the Eflorist website. The simple act of gifting an arrangement of birthday flowers can make you and the recipient incredibly happy. Explore our diverse range of Birthday Flowers to find the arrangement that best reflects your connection with the recipient.