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From Bud to Bloom: Your Ultimate Year-by-Year Anniversary Flower Guide

Anniversaries are those remarkable milestones, occasions where we pause to honour and celebrate the journey of love. In their silent yet eloquent language, flowers have long been adding a touch of beauty and symbolism to each anniversary celebration. 

From the innocent paper daisy marking your first steps in married life to the majestic platinum rose celebrating the monumental 70th year together, each anniversary flower is a tribute to the evolving chapters of your shared journey. We've created a delightful exploration of how each flower can help you celebrate love, life and everything in between. Dive in as we explore anniversary flowers by year.

1st Anniversary: Carnations

Carnations represent the first anniversary, a stunning symbol of the young love nurtured during the maiden year of marriage. The paper anniversary, metaphorically reflecting a blank canvas, mirrors the boundless potential of a couple's unwritten future. With their elegant, soft petals, carnations beautifully illustrate the tender love and deep affection that define the first year of marital bliss. 

2nd Anniversary: Lily of the Valley

Marking the second anniversary, the Lily of the Valley beautifully embodies the blooming love that has gracefully matured over two years. This milestone, also known as the cotton anniversary, signifies the creation of a solid and flexible partnership. Like the interweaving threads in cotton fabric, your lives have entwined to create a beautiful shared story.

In its simplicity and elegance, the Lily of the Valley signifies sincerity and humility, echoing the honest love that has sustained these years. You could also choose the white flowers, which symbolise purity, loyalty, and the enduring commitment shared between two hearts.

Pink and orange carnations

3rd Anniversary: Sunflowers

Celebrating the third anniversary, sunflowers brilliantly depict the growth, loyalty, and unwavering devotion that have characterised the initial three years of wedded harmony. This anniversary, symbolised by leather, represents the couple's ability to weather life's challenges and emerge more resilient, their bond strengthened by shared experiences.

Their bold and upright posture is a testament to the loyalty and shared strength that define a blossoming partnership. Following the sun across the sky, sunflowers demonstrate a commitment to growth and adoration, mirroring a couple's devotion. Their brilliant yellow hues burst with joy and optimism, painting a picture of the bright future that awaits.

4th Anniversary: Geraniums

Marking the fourth anniversary, geraniums wonderfully signify the growth, friendship, and affection that have flourished over these years. The fruit and flowers anniversary, as it's fondly called, represents the abundant harvest of love and the nourishment vital for a thriving partnership, akin to the blossoming of fruits and flowers.

Their hues tell a tale of their own. Pink geraniums, expressing admiration and joy, celebrate the happiness found in shared moments. Red ones, on the other hand, ignite a flame of passionate love and desire.


5th Anniversary: Daisies

Daisies encapsulate the charm and simplicity of a love that has blossomed over half a decade. As the Wood Anniversary, this milestone signifies the intertwining of two lives, embodying growth, strength, and a solid foundation built with shared experiences and dreams.

These traditional anniversary flowers, with their circular bloom of perfectly arranged petals, symbolise the harmony and unity in your evolving journey together.

6th Anniversary: Calla Lilies

This celebration is beautifully embodied in the elegant Calla Lily, a flower that mirrors the beauty, purity, and commitment that have blossomed over six magnificent years.

Calla Lilies come in hues of enchanting purple and pristine white. The royal purple, a sign of enchantment and grandeur, accentuates the majestic journey of your bond, adorned with unforgettable moments and experiences. White, a symbol of innocence and purity, reflects the earnest love and devotion that underpin your shared life story.

Sunflower and daisy bouquet

7th Anniversary Flowers: Freesia

The 7th anniversary, symbolised by the fragrant and delicate freesia, celebrates trust, friendship, and loyalty, three precious gifts nurtured over seven years. This anniversary is also known for its association with wool and copper.

Freesia, a delightful burst of fragrance, echoes the warmth and affection that have deepened over the years. Its vibrant yellow colour radiates joy and happiness, symbolising the cheerfulness of your journey and the promise of bright new beginnings. Alternatively, cream freesias epitomise elegance, grace, and tranquillity, mirroring the serene harmony you've achieved together.

8th Anniversary: Lilac or Clematisy

We're greeted by the enchanting lilac or the graceful clematis. These traditional anniversary flowers, with their bewitching fragrance and delicate beauty, act as a mirror to the sweet emotions, fond memories, and shared dreams that have blossomed over eight wonderful years.

Donned in lavender and purple, these flowers paint a picture of grace, elegance, and calm. Lavender whispers of tranquillity and sophistication, while purple, the colour of royals, speaks of enchantment and deep emotions.

Yellow and purple freesia

9th Year Anniversary: Bird of Paradise and Poppies

A toast to nine vibrant years together! This anniversary is marked by the exotic bird of paradise and the charming poppy, exemplifying the journey of love. With its striking and bold beauty, the bird of paradise symbolises the adventure, excitement, and fervent love that has grown throughout your partnership. It's an unabashed celebration of love in its wildest, most colourful form.

On the other hand, the gentle poppy, with its varying shades from deep red to serene white, whispers tales of pleasure, peace, and even a touch of mystery. This year's symbol, pottery, celebrates the beauty in imperfections and the value of crafting something meaningful together. Orange poppies embody the enthusiasm, passion, and fiery energy that defines your enduring bond.

10th Anniversary: Daffodils

The 10th anniversary is marked by the radiant daffodil, a flower whose bright and sunny disposition echoes the warmth, optimism, and joy that ten years of shared experiences bring. Just like the daffodil heralds, the arrival of spring, this milestone heralds a vibrant phase of your journey together.

A wash of cheerful yellow, the colour of daffodils, stands for happiness and the power of shared laughter. A decade of companionship, painted in joyful yellow strokes, captured by the humble, yet exuberant, daffodil - a perfect symbol of ten years well celebrated!


11th Anniversary: Tulips

This flower, with its elegantly curved petals, captures the essence of deep, enduring love that has blossomed over a decade and a year of marriage.

The traditional anniversary flowers bloom in beautiful hues of steel grey or white, each telling a different story. Steel grey echoes strength, determination, and the capacity to overcome obstacles together, while white symbolises purity, innocence, and the unbroken bond of love.

12th Anniversary: Peonies

Marking the twelfth year of your journey together, the peony stands tall and proud, with its lush and exquisite blooms. This vibrant flower is a testament to the romance, honour, and prosperity that have flourished over twelve wonderful years.

Peonies bloom in the glorious hues of pink and coral. Pink, a colour of love, grace, and appreciation, reflects your deepening affection, while coral hints at the joy, abundance, and good fortune your partnership has brought.


13th Anniversary: Chrysanthemums

The 13th anniversary, celebrated with the chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemums, with their myriad petals, mirror this intricacy and the myriad joyful moments you've shared. White chrysanthemums represent purity and truth, mirroring the enduring bond that sustains your partnership.

Yellow chrysanthemums, on the other hand, embody friendship, happiness, and the joy of togetherness, mirroring the warm sun of companionship that brightens your shared journey.

14th Anniversary: Dahlias

This anniversary, often referred to as the ivory anniversary, commemorates the enduring love and devotion reminiscent of ivory's rarity and preciousness. Dahlias are some of the most beautiful and unique traditional anniversary flowers.

These vibrant, diverse blooms, pay tribute to the energy, passion, and creativity that has kept the relationship vivacious and strong. Their ivory-hued variety is particularly fitting for this milestone. Its subtle elegance reflects purity, longevity, and a timeless love story that improves with each passing year.

Red chrysanthemums

15th Anniversary: Roses

The 15th anniversary, often celebrated with the elegance of crystal, is beautifully represented by roses. In this commemorative landscape, roses, with their timeless beauty and romantic essence, stand tall. Their charisma encapsulates the love, passion, and unwavering dedication that have bloomed over fifteen years.

The colour of these roses imparts their own unique messages. Red roses, with their fiery hue, are embodiments of deep love, desire, and an enduring commitment. A declaration of love that has stood the test of time. Pink roses, on the other hand, represent gratitude, appreciation, and admiration, epitomising the gentle grace of a love that has matured yet continues to evolve.

20th Anniversary: Asters

The twentieth anniversary comes alive with the vivacious asters, the perfect floral emblem for two decades of love and commitment. Asters, renowned for their vibrant colours and intricate petals, beautifully mirror the depth and wisdom accumulated from the shared experiences.

The colours of these asters are rich in meaning too. Pink asters, a token of appreciation and gratitude, express heartfelt thanks for the journey travelled together, honouring the countless moments of joy, challenges overcome, and the shared laughter and tears. Blue asters, on the other hand, encapsulate tranquillity. They signify the calming presence of a well-established bond, a steadfast love that is as serene as it is deep.

White roses

25th Anniversary: Irises

The chosen flower for this momentous occasion is the Iris. Its elegance and vibrancy perfectly symbolise the faith, wisdom, and cherished memories that have beautifully blossomed over twenty-five long years.

Silver irises, resplendent in their grace and sophistication, encapsulate the strength of enduring love that only grows stronger with each passing year. The white iris, on the other hand, signifies purity and innocence, beautifully representing the couple's unwavering commitment to a lifelong journey together.

30th Anniversary: Lilies

The 30th anniversary, commonly known as the Pearl Anniversary, beautifully celebrates the rare and precious pearls of wisdom, integrity, and inner beauty that three decades of love and commitment nurture and grow.

The white lilies, with their pure, majestic bloom, personify the wisdom and integrity that characterises three decades of marital journey. Orange lilies, meanwhile, add a dash of passion, symbolising the enduring heat of love, while yellow lilies signify the continued joy and happiness in their shared life.

Pink lilies and green foliage

35th Anniversary: Coral Roses

The 35th anniversary shines with the vibrant beauty of coral roses, a testament to a relationship that, after thirty-five years, not only survived but thrived spectacularly.

Coral roses serve as a heartfelt tribute to a harmonious union that has stood the test of time, a relationship bursting with colour amidst life's turbulent seas. The radiant hue of coral signifies protection, safeguarding the love shared over the decades, and a commitment to overcoming any future challenges together.

40th Anniversary: Gladiolus

Just as rubies represent an eternal flame, signifying unwavering love, passion, and commitment burning bright after four decades, the majestic gladiolus serves as the perfect floral embodiment.

With its striking stature and vibrant hues, Gladiolus exudes strength and integrity, a testament to a love deeply rooted and blossoming over forty cherished years of marriage. And the colour, the vibrant ruby red - it resonates with the passion, the romance, the unbreakable bond forged over forty transformative years.


45th Anniversary: Blue Irises

The Sapphire Anniversary, marking a magnificent forty-five years of deep love, loyalty, and shared commitment, truly a rarity in beauty just like its namesake, the sapphire. Just as enchanting, the blue iris takes centre stage as the flower of this splendid anniversary.

Its elegance and unique sapphire-blue hue mirror the depth, faith, and cherished memories that have been nurtured and flourished over the decades. These traditional anniversary flowers are a tangible testament to enduring love, capturing the essence of a bond that has weathered time and triumphed. This shade of blue, resplendent as the sapphire itself, represents loyalty, trust, and the unending love that has remained vibrant and alive through the years.

50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses

Celebrating a 50th anniversary? What a milestone! Just like gold, your love has stood brilliantly strong, shining with purity, wisdom, and a commitment that's lasted half a century. Let's paint a picture with the stunning Yellow Rose. This beauty, dipped in golden hues, captures the joy and warmth of a love that's been flourishing for fifty years.

It's more than just a flower, it's a symbol — an expression of the undying affection shared between two souls. And what about that striking golden yellow color? Well, it's a fanfare of jubilation, an emblem of achievement.

Yellow roses

55th Anniversary: Calla Lilies

The 55th anniversary, known as the emerald anniversary, calls for a celebration as exceptional as the milestone itself. Just like the precious emerald gemstone, this anniversary signifies the rarity, beauty, and enduring love that has blossomed over fifty-five years. What better flower to symbolise this cherished bond than the elegant calla lily?

The calla lily embodies the essence of growth and transformation, mirroring the journey of a relationship that has evolved and deepened over time. Its graceful curves and pristine white petals evoke purity, while the vibrant green hues nod to the lushness and vitality of an enduring love.

60th Anniversary: Orchids

Diamonds represent an unbreakable love, pure and enduring commitment, just like the bond that has been forged over sixty years of shared memories. And what better flower to embody this significance than the orchid?

With its rich symbolism of strength, beauty, love, and luxury, the orchid stands as the classic choice for a 60th anniversary celebration.


65th Anniversary: Blue Hydrangea

The blue sapphire anniversary, a remarkable sixty-five-year milestone, is a testament to the deep love, loyalty, and unwavering commitment between a couple.

let's turn our attention to the enchanting blue hydrangea. Its beauty and abundance reflect the overflowing love, gratitude, and treasured memories amassed throughout sixty-five years of marital bliss. Just like the radiant blue sapphire, this flower represents loyalty, devotion, and the everlasting love that continues to shine brightly.

70th Anniversary: Chrysanthemum

The 70th anniversary, also known as the platinum anniversary, is a remarkable celebration of seventy years together. Just like the strength and rarity of platinum, this milestone signifies unwavering endurance and resilience.

. In the language of flowers, the chrysanthemum takes centre stage. This majestic bloom symbolises the enduring love, loyalty, and lifelong commitment that have weathered the trials and tribulations of time. With its abundant petals and vibrant colours, the chrysanthemum encapsulates the beauty and strength of a relationship that has stood strong for seven decades.


How to Pick the Right Traditional Anniversary Flowers

In essence, our anniversary flowers by year guide serves as a romantic road map, illuminating how the language of flowers can deepen your connection, add sentiment to celebrations, and beautifully encapsulate your love story. Each blossom, from the passionate carnation of the first anniversary to the majestic rose of the fifteenth, is a symbol of relationship's growth, resilience, and enduring charm. And when it comes to finding the perfect anniversary flowers, Eflorist is here to help.

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