A birth announcement can serve as your cue to send a congratulatory gift to the newborn’s proud parents. If you’re looking for a special way to share your excitement with the family, look no further: new baby flowers serve as a sentimental gift option ideal for celebrating such a momentous occasion. Here at Eflorist, we offer a wide range of baby bouquets—each carefully arranged to convey joy and good wishes upon the newborn baby boy’s or newborn baby girl’s arrival.

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Flower Options and Colour Combinations

At Eflorist, we give you plenty of options from which to choose; peruse our unique baby bouquets to find the one that most appeals to you. Our stunning arrangements include flowers that are as fresh as they are colourful: roses, irises, tulips, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, carnations, and more.

  • Flowers for Baby Boy

Shopping for flowers for baby boy? Consider an arrangement that includes blue, yellow, orange and/or green flowers and foliage. Our baby bouquet, Imagine, is one of many superb choices for the newborn baby boy’s family.

  • Flowers for Baby Girl

Shopping for flowers for baby girl? We offer a variety of arrangements heavy on whites, pinks and purples. (Our New Princess Bouquet is a terrific example.)
No matter which baby bouquet you choose, we’re confident your recipients will appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. Flowers make such a wonderful gift for new parents because they bring happiness and calm to the room in which they’re placed, thereby reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Elevate Your Gift

We encourage you to compose a free gift note to be delivered alongside the new baby flowers. You may wish to write, “Congratulations on the birth of your little one! We hope these baby flowers find you all happy and healthy during this wonderful time,” or, “Here’s another special delivery for you! Please enjoy these baby flowers; we send them with our love and sincerest congratulations.” If you need other message ideas, please visit our New Baby Messages page.

Decadent Guylian Chocolates
Some of our new baby flower arrangements include a free box of chocolates made by Guylian, a Belgian chocolate manufacturer. Guylian has been producing their delectable chocolates since 1958. If you’d like to round out your gift of flowers for the new mum and dad, consider purchasing an arrangement that includes a free box of chocolates, or simply elect to add-on the chocolates for a nominal fee.

Vases, Baileys Irish Cream, Teddy Bear
If you would like your new baby flower delivery to include a vase, a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream, and/or a plush teddy bear, Eflorist will be happy to accommodate your requests. It’s always our pleasure to help you assemble a gift delivery that will surprise and delight your recipients.
The clear acrylic vase is a wise choice if you think your recipients might not have a vase on hand in which to place their flowers. Best of all, the vase is reusable. A small bottle of Baileys Irish Cream can be used to “cheers” to the new baby boy or new baby girl. Featuring cocoa, cream, vanilla, and whiskey, this is a smooth, sweet liquor that can be enjoyed on its own, mixed with other beverages (such as coffee or hot chocolate), or even used in recipes.
Our adorable plush teddy bear is yet another thoughtful add-on, especially if you would like to send along a gift specifically for the newborn. Our teddy bears come in two colours options: caramel and cream.

To include one or more of these gifts alongside the delivery of your baby bouquet, add them to your cart and we’ll take care of the rest.

New Baby Flowers Delivered

You choose the day, and we’ll be sure to deliver your new baby flowers to the desired location. Eflorist is proud to offer same day and next day delivery, and tracking information will be shared with you.
Our flowers are tightly packed—swaddled, if you will—to protect them from damage during transit. 
Whether you are sending flowers to celebrate the arrival of a baby girl or a baby boy, all our arrangements are delivered in bud, which results in a long-lasting bouquet.
Upon delivery, the new baby flowers should be removed from our specially designed Eflorist box, given some flower food, and placed in tepid tap water. Within 42-72 hours, the flowers will begin to bloom, making for both a beautiful sight and a pleasing aroma.

A Final Note

May the baby bouquet you send to the newborn’s family serve as a reminder of how lovely it is to witness children—just like flowers—grow, bloom, and colour the world around them.