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Eflorist to Use The Little Blue Pill to Keep Flowers Up for Hours

1st April 2023

To overcome the concerns with limp, drooping flowers, Eflorist is launching new flower food that keeps flowers erect. The new formula includes Sildenafil a medicine that relaxes muscles of the blood vessels and increases blood flow to particular areas of the body.

To help with a very common problem, UK flower delivery service Eflorist has developed a new recipe that keeps flowers fresh and standing tall for hours. Following the same basic premise of its intended use this additive to the flower food will enable consumers to enjoy beautiful flowers that look fresher for longer.

It is a common problem that with age flowers begin to droop. Because of this concern, even with the most skilled florists, simply due to nature's effect, Eflorist set out to find a way to give flowers the extra boost they need to remain fresh and vibrant for longer.

Keeping Things Perky

Through various types of rigorous experimentation, Eflorist discovered that the same medications that work to help with performance can also give flowers the same type of standing power, allowing them to reach for the sky as if they were just plucked from the ground minutes before. This remarkable find is one of the biggest in the floral industry.

The online florist is now adding this substance to their flower food. The process does not take any extra time for the consumer – they can just dispense the flower food as they would normally when they flowers begin to droop. Once they do so, the flowers will begin to absorb the special concoction resulting in the flowers straightening up. They will continue to maintain their erect state for several hours, and sometimes much longer.

Some consumers may wish to hold off on providing the plant food until they are ready to have the beautiful display. For example, if they are having visitors, adding the substance prior ensures the flowers will look and perform their best.

Save your Flowers from Serious Cases of the Droop

Without a doubt, this new recipe is a game changer for the flower industry. Eflorist will be as quick as they can in distributing this in the coming months for customers in need.