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Regional Map of the UK’s Favourite Flowers

What was the signature flower in the last bouquet that you were gifted, or that you bought for yourself? Most of us have a favourite bloom, but we wanted to delve into our order data to find out how the most-loved flowers vary from region to region in the UK.

We analysed a sample of orders over the past year and looked at which bouquets were sent the most often to each county. Then, we took note of each bouquet’s signature stem so that we could create a beautiful map of the UK’s favourite flowers.

By looking at each of the 48 counties in the UK and also analysing data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we discovered that there did seem to be a clear favourite. Roses were the bloom of choice in 9 counties across England, three areas of Northern Ireland and two separate regions of Scotland and Wales (totalling 14 areas across the map).

The tulip came swooping in to take second place, being the preferred posy in seven English counties, and one area of Scotland. Hot on the tulip’s heels came lilies, sunflowers and carnations which were the most-gifted flowers across six areas of the UK.

Standing apart from the crowd, hyacinths are the flower of choice for those living in both Leicestershire and Wiltshire, whilst chrysanthemums were discovered to be most popular in Tyne and Wear, Herefordshire and Fife in Scotland.

To simplify things even further, we looked at the regional order data which revealed the following favourites:

South East – Rose

London – Tulip

North West – Gerbera

East of England – Carnation

West Midlands – Sunflower

South West – Tulip

Yorkshire and the Humber – Rose

East Midlands – Various

North East – Freesia

Scotland – Sunflower

Wales – Lisianthus

Northern Ireland – Rose

Were we surprised that the rose came out on top time and time again? Well, the beautiful flower - particularly the red variation - has been a symbol of love and romance for centuries and many other colours have different meanings: yellow roses represent friendship, pink signifies gratitude and admiration, whilst orange demonstrates enthusiasm and passion. So you see, there really is a rose for everyone.

The red rose was recently the inspiration of our AI-generated art gallery, which imagined what new masterpieces by the likes of Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh might look like if they were still alive today. Take a look for yourself