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Touching reflections of the deceased evoked through flowers, a simple gesture of love and remembrance. Lettering Tributes are often seen at many funerals and are usually dedicated to a particular family member as a centerpiece Tribute from the closely bereaved.



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  • Special Funeral Tributes

    In life's final chapter, there's a profound language that whispers from heart to heart – it's the language of flowers. Funeral tributes, masterfully created by Eflorist, are more than mere arrangements; they are poignant expressions of love, remembrance, and honour. These special funeral flower tributes are the essence of our shared stories, woven into petals and leaves, reminding us of cherished moments and the impact of a life well-lived. Every blossom is carefully selected, every stem arranged with intention, as we craft a personalized tribute that speaks to the unique connection you had with your loved one. Each flower carries its own meaning, adding layers of depth and symbolism to your tribute. Lilies, signifying restored innocence; roses, representing enduring love and respect; carnations, embodying a love that knows no bounds. The language of flowers is a delicate art, allowing us to convey emotions that words cannot fully capture. At Eflorist, we comprehend the gravity of these moments. We're not just florists; we are custodians of your sentiments, transforming them into tangible beauty that pays homage to a life well-lived. Our tribute creations serve as beacons of solace, a visual representation of the love that transcends time and space. In the face of loss, let us help you find solace and express your heartfelt condolences through the silent eloquence of flowers. Because even in the depths of sorrow, love, like nature, continues to bloom, offering comfort and healing to those left behind.

  • What Type of Special Funeral Flower Tributes Do We Offer?

    When it comes to bidding farewell to a loved one, finding the perfect way to honour their memory can be both comforting and cathartic. At Eflorist, we offer different types of funeral tributes that can beautifully capture the essence of your departed loved one. Letter tributes are a heartfelt and personalized way to pay homage to the dearly departed. These tributes are crafted using delicate flowers, intricately arranged to form letters, words, or even full names. Each letter becomes a living testament, as vibrant blooms tenderly whisper stories of the life they represent. It's a unique and touching way to celebrate the individuality of your loved one, ensuring their spirit lives on in every petal. For those who found solace and joy in the world of sports, football tributes offer a fitting homage. Designed with meticulous detail, these special funeral flower tributes take the shape of a football or incorporate elements of the sport. Whether they were a dedicated player, an avid supporter, or simply had an unwavering passion for the game, a football tribute becomes a playful reminder of the joy and camaraderie they cherished. It's a way to unite their love for sports with the memories shared with friends and family. Religious tributes, on the other hand, provide solace and spiritual comfort during times of mourning. These tributes draw inspiration from the faith and beliefs held dear by the departed. Whether it's a cross, a serene arrangement inspired by a sacred text, or symbolic elements from a particular religious tradition, these tributes serve as a visual prayer, bringing together the eternal bond between the departed and their spirituality. They offer a sense of peace and reverence, reminding us of the divine presence that guides us all. At Eflorist, we understand that funeral tributes hold a special place in your heart.

  • Personalized Tribute: Where Do You Start?

    Choosing the right funeral tribute is a deeply personal journey, one that calls for heart, thought, and the understanding of the unique spirit that was the departed. At Eflorist, we understand that every life is a tapestry of stories, a blend of personal preferences, beliefs, and lifestyle. We know how crucial it is to weave those threads into a floral tribute that truly reflects the personality of your dearly departed. It's not just a matter of picking flowers. It's about your memories, your love, and your respect. Family and friends play a pivotal role in this process. Through shared stories and cherished moments, you help us paint a more vivid picture, enabling us to design a tribute that feels as unique and special as the person you're remembering. A well-chosen funeral tribute, in its beauty and symbolism, has the power to touch hearts. It can offer comfort in the throes of grief, becoming a source of strength in a time of sorrow. The emotional impact it carries, the silent words it speaks, can aid profoundly in the healing process. Creating a personalized tribute is more than just an act of farewell. It's a testament to a life well-lived, a lasting legacy that keeps the essence of your loved one alive in the hearts of all who knew them. With Eflorist by your side, the tribute you choose today becomes a beautiful memory for tomorrow, a symbol of love that, like the finest blossoms, endures through the passing seasons.

  • What Makes Eflorist the Best Flower Supplier in the UK?

    Choosing Eflorist for your special funeral flower tributes is like picking the perfect bloom from a garden of possibilities. We're not just about flowers. We're about service and dedication that surpasses the ordinary. When time is of the essence, our same-day delivery option ensures your tribute arrives exactly when it needs to. And, for those heart-touching farewells that span across borders, our international shipping spreads comfort and condolences far and wide. But it's not just about the destination. It's about the journey. The care we take in delivering your tribute is mirrored in the safe, contactless delivery options we offer. We know that peace of mind is priceless, especially during challenging times. That's why we're here for you, seven days a week, making sure your heartfelt tributes reach their destination, rain or shine. And let's not forget, a tribute from Eflorist is also a salute to our wonderful growers. Our commitment to them means when you choose us, you're supporting a chain of care and dedication that starts from the seed and blooms into the beautiful tribute you order. So why buy from Eflorist? Because we understand, we care, and we deliver more than just flowers. We deliver feelings. We deliver memories. We deliver special funeral flower tributes that touch hearts. So, why wait? Trust Eflorist to be your companion in this journey of remembrance. Order your perfect tribute from us today.