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18th Birthday Flowers

An 18th Birthday is a rite of passage, choose a bouquet to match your budget and the recipient’s tastes. Or just pick something you like yourself – because you can’t really go wrong when buying flowers! How about Blush, a gorgeous array of reds and purples? Consider including some balloons for an even more festive feel, and we’ll also include a card for you to personalize your gift and make their day. Need message ideas? We can point you in the right direction with our birthday messages.

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  • The Significance of Turning 18

    An 18th birthday is a milestone in life. It marks the day when you are legally an adult. As you become an adult, it's important to surround yourself with people who love and support you on your journey! That's why sending flowers as a gift is such an awesome idea for someone turning 18 - because they can do whatever they want with them! Plus, many 18 year olds are still in school and probably don't have the budget to buy themselves fresh blooms, which makes the gift of flowers even sweeter. A bouquet of flowers from Eflorist is the perfect gift because it allows those receiving it to feel loved and cherished on their special day, no matter what. Happy 18th birthday flowers would make anyone smile and offer words of encouragement to start off their adulthood with joy.

  • How to Order Flowers for an 18th Birthday from Eflorist

    Eflorist makes ordering flowers for an 18th birthday easy. You can browse through our selection to find a bouquet that suits your needs. We have flowers for every color and event, so you're sure to find something you love! Eflorist's special occasion flower delivery service can help you bring a smile to someone's face by delivering the perfect arrangement. Contact us today to get started on designing the perfect arrangement for your loved one! Simply fill out the details on you and your recipient and our expert team will handle the rest! You won't have to worry about shopping in crowded stores, wrapping, standing in line to ship your gift, or anything else. Just sit back and make your friend's day!

  • The Perfect 18th Birthday Gift

    If you're looking for the perfect gift for an 18th birthday, look no further than a beautiful bouquet from Eflorist. It's like giving your loved one the chance to pick their favorite flowers and arrange them into a gorgeous display! It's thoughtful, it's memorable, and it will show them how much you care. In addition to being a great present, flowers are also associated with happiness and new beginnings. Send someone an arrangement today and congratulate them on this very special day. With so many arrangements to choose from, finding just the right one is fun and easy. The thoughtfulness behind gifting flowers is second-to-none - there really is nothing quite like it!

  • How to Choose the Right Arrangement

    Ordering flowers for a birthday is a beautiful way to celebrate. When it comes to choosing the perfect bouquet, think about what your friend will like. Do they prefer roses or daisies? Are they more bold and like vivid colors or do they appreciate the simpler, more classic things in life? Having this in mind will make it easier to find the perfect 18th birthday flower arrangements and make sure they are always delivered on time. We've put together some great options for an 18th birthday flower bouquet delivery, so take a look at our flower arrangements and happy 18th birthday flowers! Our experts have made arrangements with gorgeous flowers such as tulips, lilies, and more for every special day. For extra personalization, you can even add their name to the card included with their gift.