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A versatile range of tributes which can either be sent to the funeral or given as a gift to the family. Speak to one of our team to find out how a posy can be tailored to your wishes. Each design can be created in various sizes or using different flowers and colours.



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  • Eflorist's Funeral Posies

    Losing a loved one is never easy, and here at Eflorist, we understand the importance of finding the perfect way to express your heartfelt condolences. That's where funeral posies come in, offering a touching tribute to honour the memory of the dearly departed. These delicate, circular floral arrangements are rich in symbolism, representing the never-ending cycle of life, love, and remembrance. And their compact size makes them ideal for intimate gatherings or larger memorial services alike. Every posy is a work of art, handcrafted by our skilled florists with the utmost care and attention to detail. The vibrant colours and intricate designs convey a message of love and support, providing comfort to those who are grieving. But what makes these posies truly special is their versatility – they can be personalized to reflect the unique qualities of your loved one, ensuring a fitting tribute that will be cherished for years to come. At Eflorist, we're committed to helping you find solace during these difficult times. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process, offering compassionate advice and ensuring that your funeral posy is a beautiful reflection of the life it honours. So, as you navigate the complex emotions that come with saying goodbye, trust in us to provide the perfect floral tribute – one that will bring a sense of peace, healing, and love to all who attend the service. Together, we'll create a lasting memory that pays tribute to the incredible life of the person you hold dear.

  • How Do You Choose the Right Funeral Posy?

    Choosing a funeral posy is a deeply personal journey. It's like navigating a beautiful, poignant garden, where every bloom tugs at a memory, a connection, a shared moment. At Eflorist, we understand how vital your relationship with the departed soul is. Each relationship has a unique language, doesn't it? The love we share with a parent, a sibling, a cherished friend, or an admired colleague all require different expressions. This bond is your compass, guiding you towards a posy that best commemorates your shared experiences and emotions. Let's start with the deceased's personal preferences. Did they marvel at the elegance of orchids, or did the rustic charm of sunflowers make their eyes light up? Considering their favourite flowers is a tender way to infuse their essence into the tribute. It's as if, in a gentle, symbolic way, they continue to be part of the world they left behind. Cultural and religious nuances matter, too. Some traditions associate specific flowers with funerals, like chrysanthemums in Japan or marigolds in Mexico. Similarly, the choice of colour can hold deep significance. Some cultures see white as a symbol of mourning, while others might lean towards more vibrant hues. It's essential to respect these subtleties when choosing a posy. And speaking of choosing flowers and colours, it's not just about the visual appeal. Every bloom, every shade, narrates a story. From the tranquil white lilies symbolizing peace to the vibrant red roses whispering tales of enduring love, your choice is a reflection of your feelings. But remember, there's no right or wrong here. It's your personal love note to the departed, a testament to your bond. And whatever you choose, rest assured that we're here at Eflorist, ready to support you in crafting this heartfelt tribute.

  • The Ideal Flowers for Funeral Posies

    When it comes to posies, the choice of flowers is not just about beauty. It's also about the sentiment they embody. Eflorist knows the language of flowers like the back of our hand, and we're here to guide you through this heartfelt selection. Lilies, for instance, are a long-standing favourite in funeral posies. Their elegant form and serene white hue symbolize the restored innocence of the soul of the deceased, sending a message of peace. Then there are roses, each colour whispering a different emotion. Red roses express respect and love, while white ones convey purity and innocence. If the departed was a close friend, yellow roses are your go-to, symbolizing strong ties of friendship. For a unique touch, you might consider chrysanthemums. In many cultures, 'mums' are seen as a symbol of death and are often used in funeral arrangements. Their myriad of colours allows for a personalized tribute that's as unique as the life being honoured. Let's not forget carnations, another classic choice for funeral posies. Red carnations stand for admiration, white for pure love and innocence, and pink for remembrance. Each flower in a posy contributes its own layer of meaning, creating a symphony of sentiments that pay tribute to the complexity and beauty of a life lived. At Eflorist, we're here to help you orchestrate this delicate floral symphony, ensuring each posy carries your heartfelt message in the language of blooms.

  • Why Choose Eflorist?

    In the wake of grief, nothing speaks more eloquently than the language of flowers. Here at Eflorist, we understand this language like no one else. Our dedication to creating the perfect funeral posies is just one part of how we commit to serving you in your time of need. It's about being there when it counts and making sure your sentiments are conveyed exactly how you envision. Our international shipping service ensures your tribute reaches its destination, wherever that may be. Because let's face it, saying goodbye knows no boundaries, and neither do we. We've also incorporated same-day deliveries into our services because we understand that time is of the essence, especially during these emotional times. Our contactless delivery options stand as a testament to our commitment to your safety while ensuring the heartfelt message of your posies is delivered. At Eflorist, our doors swing seven days a week. We believe in making every day count and in being available to craft the perfect posies whenever you need them. And because we believe in nurturing relationships, not just with our customers but with our suppliers, too, we're proud to say we're committed to our local growers. Choosing us means choosing a team that cares deeply about your needs and that will go above and beyond to deliver the best quality posies. So, when the time comes to express your deepest sympathies, let us stand by your side. Order your funeral posies from Eflorist today and let us help you articulate your sentiments in the most touching way possible. We're here for you, ready to translate your emotions into the beautiful language of flowers.