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Tulips: Care & Inspiration Guide

Tulips are the must have flower for spring. This beautiful flower comes in a remarkable range of colours and styles, with different shapes and styles creating diverse and bright bouquets perfect for any occasion.

Commonly known as the tulip, its botanical name is ‘Tulipa’. The bulb can be planted from October to November ready to bloom early in the year, which is why it has become such an iconic symbol for spring. From a simple wrap of spring stems in bright colours, to the pastel hues of this delicate yet robust flower, whichever way you want to display the tulip it’s the perfect flower to symbolise the end of a long hard winter, and the beginning of lighter and warming spring evenings.

bouquet of tulips on a white surface

Where do tulips come from?

When you think of tulips, your first thought may jump to Amsterdam. But if you trace their history, it’s clear that they have a steeped history ranging around the world. It’s a little known fact that tulips are native to Central Asia and Turkey, with cultivation of the flower starting in the 10th century.

Tulips of Amsterdam

The flower arrived in the Netherlands in the early 1600s, and that is where they found their forever home. At this time, a period known as ‘Tulip Mania’ broke out with prices for bulbs that were arriving into the area were reaching unprecedented high levels before suddenly collapsing.

tulip field netherlands

What do tulips signify?

A bouquet of tulips is said to signify perfect love. But, as with any flower the different colour flowers have individual meanings. A red tulip conjures a feeling of true love, whilst purple is said to have royal connotations. Yellow tulips bring cheer and sunshine into the recipients life, and white tulips mean forgiveness.

To many people, a colourful bouquet of tulips symbolises the end of the cold, dark winter and the welcoming of lighter evenings, warmer days with the world blooming into the colours of spring. This delicate yet robust flower creates the perfect gift for any occasion, bringing a riot of colour into the home.

How to care for your tulips

Choosing a vase
Choosing a vase

Choose a vase that will really show off each stem. You can find special tulip vases, or choose a high vase to give an elegant look.

Preparing the tulips
Preparing the tulips

Remove any extra leaves and cut off at least ½ an inch off the bottom of the tulip stem at an angle with a clean, sharp knife or scissors.

Clean vase & fresh water
Clean vase & fresh water

Your vase should be kept topped up a maximum of 10 cm of clean, fresh water. Clean the vase every couple of days and replace the water.

Clean vase & fresh water
Where to display your tulips

When it comes to displaying your tulips, keep the vase out of direct sunlight and away from any radiators to keep them looking their best for longer.

Tulips will continue to grow in their vase at home, if cared for in the correct way. The flower will extend towards the light, gaining height and depth in a matter of days so it's always a good idea to keep this in mind when choosing your vase. Send a beautiful bouquet filled with colourful tulips today and make their day that little bit brighter this spring.