Love is a fascinating thing, we find ourselves head over heels infatuated with someone but when asked why we feel the way we do, those hundreds of thoughts constantly racing through your mind about that special someone suddenly desert you leaving you speechless and simply uttering ‘I just do, you know?’.

We’d be lying if we said there was a fool-proof way of telling someone you love them, how much you love them or how they make you feel, as quite simply, this comes from the heart, but we are here to help you tell the love of your life how lost you would be without them.

  1. Make them feel as valuable as they are to you. Pay attention to the little details, ask how their day was, take an interest in what they are doing, who they are with. This is easily forgotten in the busy everyday life but is guaranteed to score you some real brownie points.

  2. Surprise them. An impromptu holiday, a romantic meal for two, a bouquet of fresh flowers, whatever takes your fancy, make sure they don’t expect it!

  3. Mean what you say. Know why you are saying it, what does it mean to you, what will it mean to them to hear it.

  4. Do it. Simple enough, don’t over think it and don’t doubt yourself, just say it!

Whether you are hoping to embark on a romantic journey by telling that special someone how you feel or whether you want to make sure they know that after all these years they mean as much to you now as they did all those years ago, remember that it is the little things. Telling someone you love them isn’t just the three words you say, it is the relationship you share, the memories you make and the experiences you enjoy.

Like any relationship, it takes time and work, it won’t be easy; if it was it wouldn’t be as amazing. If you’re looking to find out how to tell someone you love them, remember our advice, be spontaneous, be romantic and be confident.

One way to say ‘I love you’ and show your love is to send a gorgeous bouquet of romantic flowers, hand-prepared and hand-delivered by one of our expert local florists. If you’ve planned your romantic evening, enquire about sending flowers to the restaurant, the hotel or anywhere you need. We’ll do everything to make sure your romantic plan goes without a hitch so you can tell someone you love them. Don’t forget to think carefully about the words you send with the flowers, this is as important as the flowers you send! If you’d like some inspiration, take a look at our romantic card messages. Don’t forget to add a box of chocolates!