A Christmas wreath is essentially a ring of evergreen plants adorned with Christmas decorations and/or fruit. Usually displayed on the outside of a property, normally on the door, the Christmas wreath symbolises growth and life, but can also be so much more than just a Christmas decoration.

Christmas wreaths are mainly constructed using evergreen branches, particularly pine sprigs and holly which can withstand the harshness of winter.  They can of course these days be artificial too, often decorated with things such as berries, bows and Christmas decorations.

The religious connotation of the ring that makes up the basis of the Christmas wreath, signifies eternity, with no beginning or end; it’s the never ending circle of life or Christ’s eternal love and strength with holly representing the thorns that He wore when crucified and the bright red berries the blood that He shed.

An advent wreath however is slightly different. It is still a ring of evergreen foliage but it is laid flat as a centrepiece that typically encompasses four candles one for each Sunday in Advent. The symbolism of the four candles and sometimes a fifth representing Christ which is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, are as follows:

  • Hope
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Christ (a white candle in the centre)

Whether you choose to hang a Christmas wreath on your door or adorn a table with an advent wreath, or both, there is no doubt that by doing so you will be adding a beautiful decorative touch to your Christmas decorations and a much needed burst of colour during the days in the run up to Christmas that will welcome you home, and indeed visitors.