Birthday flowers for her


We’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t like receiving flowers for her birthday. They’re the perfect gift for females of all ages – so which ones should you buy the women in your life?

Well, we’re strong believers in dismantling gender stereotypes, but a lot of people still associate pink with femininity. And that goes for flowers as much as for anything else. If you want to send birthday flowers to a woman, may we suggest pink roses, carnations, dahlias, tulips, or even a fragrant potted pink hyacinth? Or our amazing Pleasant Pinks bouquet?

Every birthday is a landmark, but some are more so than others. Eighteenth, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th: these have a special symbolism that can be expressed in the language of flowers. For an 18th birthday, why not send her eighteen carnations or sunflowers? And if your birthday girl is celebrating her 50th, fifty roses, lilies or daffodils divided between different rooms will fill the house with their fragrance and make a spectacular display into the bargain. Birthdays like these are important, and need to be celebrated in grand style.

Flowers can convey countless different messages to countless different women

Apart from simply saying happy birthday, they can tell your wife or girlfriend you think she’s beautiful. To your sister or best friend, they may simply say thanks for being on the other end of a phone and offering a listening ear. To your mother, they can be an expression of gratitude for bringing you into the world and giving you all their best bits.

To a niece or daughter, birthday flowers may simply say I’m proud of you and how your life is turning out. To a coworker, they may mean I love sharing a desk, a photocopier and a wireless network with you, so here’s a birthday gift that will brighten both of our lives. Check these birthday card message ideas for some more inspiration.

Whoever you’re buying flowers for, and whatever her age, we have the perfect birthday bouquet.

And by the way, it’s a little-known fact that men like flowers too! Find birthday flowers for him.

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