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Roses can express your inner most thoughts and feelings. Whether its friendship, respect, admiration or love, we have an incredible selection of roses for every occasion, from a single red rose delivery to breathtaking bouquet of the most exquisite red roses.


Divine Next available delivery  Thu 8th
From £37.99
Rapture Next available delivery  Thu 8th
From £22.99
12 Red Roses_overlay12 Red Roses
12 Red Roses Next available delivery  Thu 8th
From £27.99
red roses and chrysanthemums with pink lilies florist delivered flowers online
Lucky Star Available for delivery tomorrow
From £29.95
Opus Next available delivery  Thu 8th
From £24.99
12 of the finest and freshest red roses hand prepared and hand delivered by local florists
Unforgettable Available for delivery tomorrow
From £44.95
My Heart_overlaysingle red rose delivery in black vase local florist delivered flowers
My Heart Available for delivery tomorrow
From £22.50
Memories_overlaygorgeous pink rose plant in a cream zinc bucket container flowers delivered by florist
Memories Available for delivery tomorrow
From £24.95
single red rose delivery in an elegant black vase
Hero Available for delivery tomorrow
From £22.50
Passion Next available delivery  Thu 8th
From £27.99
Avalanche Next available delivery  Thu 8th
From £27.99
twelve finest and freshest white roses delivered
Most Loved Available for delivery tomorrow
From £44.95
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Single Red Rose Delivery

Send roses with eFlorist to express your innermost thoughts and feelings of love, respect and admiration. Of course if you send a rose during the month of February for Valentine’s Day, red roses can only mean one thing, love. A single red rose for a single word: “love” or 3 red roses for those 3 little words: “I love you”, whereas a dozen red roses symbolises complete love.


Valentine’s Day is the single biggest romantic day of the year, when red roses are most in demand by those who wish to send roses to their loved ones or to those they simply admire. In fact a single red rose from a secret admirer is deemed to be one the most romantic gestures a girl can receive.


What better way to let that special someone know you are thinking of them than with a single red rose delivery to their office, their house or anywhere they may be, The surest way to say 'I love you' is a single red rose delivery.


What It Means To Send A Rose

Of course a single red rose is also the symbol of St. George’s Day and is the national flower of England. So why not send a rose for St. George’s Day or wear a single red rose yourself.


Roses of other colours have completely different meanings however. White roses represent innocence and purity, whilst pink roses are for sweetness and admiration. Yellow roses are for friendship and orange roses for desire or pride. So when you wish to send roses to someone simply select the appropriate rose colour and arrangement to effectively express your sentiments.


Our professional, local florists up and down the country will expertly prepare and hand deliver fresh cut roses on your behalf, ensuring your sentiments are effectively and powerfully received, whether you want to send a rose for Valentine’s Day or simply just because.